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Prehistoric Artifacts Out Of Nowhere -Their Origin And Purpose Are Totally Unknown - These strange artifacts are symmetrical in design and very skillfully manufactured. In form they appear to be quite modern, but they are not.
These prehistoric artifacts of unknown origin were found mainly in Scotland and a few of them in England and Ireland.Many say they are hoaxes, but if that's true, why are they kept in museums as valuable objects?Archaeologists say these carved stone balls date to approximately 4000 BC, and are made of various stones ranging from sandstone to granite.

Click on image to enlargeCredits: Ashmolean Museum

They are all of a relative similar size and are decorated with carved evenly-spaced patterns of circular bosses or knobs around the surface of the sphere. The designs vary with the majority being based around a series of six bosses, but the number of bosses varies from 3-160.
Five carved stone balls from Scotland (AN1927.2727-2731). Credits: Ashmolean Museum

Particularly interesting are those unearthed at the Neolithic site at Skara Brae, one of the Orkney's most famous ancient sites dated from the late Neolithic - inhabited for around 600 years, between 3200BC and 2200BC.
More than 425 of these artifacts are now known and five of them are stored at the Ashmolean Museum.
Three-hundred and seventy-five of these balls are much the same size, with a diameter o fabout 70mm, but there are also 12 large balls of 90-114mm diameter.They are different one from the other. Some are carved with four or six knobs plain and decorated, seven knobs, eight or even 33 knobs; their decorations are also varied. Many are carved with complex spiral patterns or cross-hatching on the faces.

However, despite their numbers, very little is known about carved stone balls and their purpose is still unknown. Very few of the balls are damaged. The do not have any signs of use and they have not been found in contexts that would suggest a specific function.

This carved stone ball is one of several fancy carved stone objects found at Skara Brae on Orkney. It was a prestige object, and dates from between 3400 and 2000 BC. The stone ball is covered with 50 pyramid-shaped knobs. 000-100-040-497-C. Credits: National Museums Scotland

Credits: Aberdeen University Museum

Credits: Aberdeen University Museum

Credits: Aberdeen University Museum

Credits: Aberdeen University Museum

Did they have a symbolic meaning? Did they symbolize prestige and power? Could the artifacts be linked to a much earlier - but unknown and undocumented period of time in the history of life on Earth? One thing is for sure - those who manufactured these artifacts must obviously have possessed rather advanced technology.Copyright © All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of See also:

Alien Toy? - All Attempts To Solve This Ancient Mystery - Failed


The Ancient Book Nobody Is Able To Read - Voynich Manuscript - The nature and origin of the manuscript have long remained a mystery. Over the years, the Voynich manuscript has caused a lot of controversy and debate. This ancient medieval text is a cryptic document written by an unknown author.

Many skilled cryptographers have studied the document. Their attempts to break the code failed. Up to now, none of them has been able to crack the code.
It is worth mentioning that at the end of WWII the U.S. military passed some spare time encrypting ancient texts. They managed to decipher every text except the Voynich manuscript.

Click on image to enlarge

Does the Voynich manuscript really contain a message?
Are we unable to break the mysterious code?
Is the book a deliberate hoax?
Is it an encoded version of a known language or a totally invented language?

A new study, published in the journal Plos One, suggests that the manuscript holds a genuine message."While the text written on medieval parchment - using an unknown script system - shows basic statistical patterns that bear resemblance to those from real languages, there are features that suggested to some researches that the manuscript was a forgery intended as a hoax," researchers explain in their paper.The manuscript was named after Wilfrid M. Voynich, a Polish-American book dealer who found this manuscript in a chest in the Jesuit College at the Villa Mondragone, in Frascati in 1912.
He bought it from the Jesuits, and gave photographic copies to a number of experts to have it deciphered. None of them succeeded. Certain features in the illustrations, such as hairstyles for example, suggested that the book was produced between 1470 and 1500. But by whom and why?
Astronomical illustrations

The Milky Way

Inside the manuscript, which is 240 pages long, there was a 17th century letter, written by Johannes Marcus Marci of Cronland, a Bohemian doctor and scientist, rector of the University of Prague, and official physician to the Holy Roman Emperors. The paper dated 1666, was addressed to Athanasius Kircher, a 17th-century German Jesuit scholar and informed that the manuscript was bought by Emperor Rudolph II in 1586.

During the 1600s, some scholars attempted to decipher the script. Then the mysterious manuscript disappeared for 250 years before Voynich discovered it. Voynich was also eager to learn more about his new remarkable finding, but establishing the origin of the book and deciphering the code, was a much more complex task than he anticipated.

Dr Marcelo Montemurro, a theoretical physicist from the University of Manchester, UK, and his colleagues say that that the "manuscript presents a complex organization in the distribution of words that is compatible with those found in real language sequences."We are also able to extract some of the most significant semantic word-networks in the text. These results together with some previously known statistical features of the Voynich manuscript, give support to the presence of a genuine message inside the book."Dr Montemurro and his team used a computerised statistical method to analyse the text and focused on patterns of how the words were arranged in order to extract meaningful content-bearing words.

"There is substantial evidence that content-bearing words tend to occur in a clustered pattern, where they are required as part of the specific information being written," he explains."Over long spans of texts, words leave a statistical signature about their use. When the topic shifts, other words are needed."The semantic networks we obtained clearly show that related words tend to share structure similarities. This also happens to a certain degree in real languages."

Dr Montemurro argues that the hoax hypothesis cannot possibly explain the semantic patterns he has discovered. He believes it unlikely that these features were simply "incorporated" into the text to make a hoax more realistic, as most of the required academic knowledge of these structures did not exist at the time the Voynich manuscript was created. "While the mystery of origins and meaning of the text still remain to be solved, the accumulated evidence about organization at different levels, limits severely the scope of the hoax hypothesis and suggests the presence of a genuine linguistic structure," scientists say in their paper.Those who believe in the authenticity of the Voynich manuscript maintain that the script is far too complex to be a hoax. Skeptics on the other hand, suggest that the failure of the code breaking indicates there might be no code to decipher and no hidden message. There is also a possibility that the manuscript is not a code, but rather an unidentified language and of course, as usual it is very convenient to dismiss certain uncomfortable findings as hoaxes simply because we do not understand their origin and meaning. Paper.MessageToEagle.comSee also:
Easter Island's Statues Reveal Bodies Covered With Unknown Ancient Petroglyphs
Two Stone Age 9,500-Year-Old Artifacts Unearthed

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University of Manchester says its a real language:

Otherworldly Beings Depicted On Oldest North American Rock Art Reveal A Cosmological Puzzle - Archaeologists believe this is the oldest known rock carvings in North America. These intriguing depictions of otherworldly beings were strategically placed to reveal a cosmological puzzle.

The paintings and carvings have been scattered around the caves and bluff faces of the Cumberland Plateau for centuries, left behind by the ancestors of the Native American nations of the Southeast.

Now a group of scientists, led by anthropology professor Jan Simek, at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville have proposed that rock art changed the natural landscape to reflect a three-dimensional universe central to the religion of the prehistoric Mississippian period.
"Our findings provide a window into what Native American societies were like beginning more than 6,000 years ago," said Simek.

"They tell us that the prehistoric peoples in the Cumberland Plateau, a section of the Appalachian Mountains, used the rather distinctive upland environment to map their conceptual universe onto the natural world in which they lived."

An upright bird figure has arms and hands and holds ceremonial weapons aloft, flanked by axes with blades coming out of human faces, in this Tennessee cave painting from the 14th century. Image credit: University of Tennessee

"What's part interesting is it spans an area literally from the Kentucky line down into northern Alabama," Simek said. Most of them are between 500 and 900 years old, but radiocarbon dating indicates one painting of a hunter in east-central Tennessee was laid down 6,000 years ago. That would make it the oldest representation in North America known to date, he said.Simek and his team analyzed 44 open- air art sites where the art is exposed to light and 50 cave art sites in the Cumberland Plateau using nondestructive, high-tech tools, such as a high-resolution laser scanner. Through analysis of the depictions, colors, and spatial organization, they found that the sites mimic the Southeastern native people's cosmological principles.
"The art sites, predominantly found in caves, feature otherworldly characters, supernatural serpents and dogs that accompanied dead humans on the path of souls," the scientists wrote in their paper. The images are largely painted in black, a color associated with death."There's a small cave in the middle part of Tennessee, a very small cave that contains over 400 engraved images that are extraordinary," Simek said. "Some of them are tiny -- so small that if you didn't know how to look for them, you would never find them.""The cosmological divisions of the universe were mapped onto the physical landscape using the relief of the Cumberland Plateau as a topographic canvas," said Simek.
The "upper world" included celestial bodies and weather forces personified in mythic characters that exerted influences on the human situation. Mostly open-air art sites located in high elevations touched by the sun and stars feature these images. Many of the images are drawn in the color red, which was associated with life.
A cross? A comet? A star? This symbol, found in Dunbar Cave in Clarksville, Tennessee, is commonly seen in religious iconography from the 1300s. Image credit: University of Tennessee

"That's looking into some of the most dramatic parts of the sky, especially in the spring and summer months," Simek said. "And we know their relationship was such that they paid attention to celestial phenomena, but they also believed in a universe that was layered."The "middle world" represented the natural world. A mixture of open air and cave art sites hug the middle of the plateau and feature images of people, plants and animals of mostly secular character.
An image of a horned owl was impressed into the wet clay of Mud Glyph Cave, Tennessee, around 1300 AD. Image credit: University of Tennessee

The "lower world" was characterized by darkness and danger, and was associated with death, transformation and renewal. The art sites, predominantly found in caves, feature otherworldly characters, supernatural serpents and dogs that accompanied dead humans on the path of souls. The inclusion of creatures such as birds and fish that could cross the three layers represents the belief that the boundaries were permeable. Many of these images are depicted in the color black, which was associated with death."This layered universe was a stage for a variety of actors that included heroes, monsters and creatures that could cross between the levels," Simek said.Interestingly, weapons are rarely featured in any of the art sites.
This cave painting found in eastern Tennessee, depicting a hunter with a four-legged animal, is more than 6,000 years old -- the oldest yet known in North America. Image credit: University of Tennessee

An ancient Native American pictograph found on a rock in northern Alabama features a long curving line and a faded circle behind. Image credit: University of Tennessee

"Very often some of the humans that are depicted outside of caves are doing otherworldly kinds of things," Simek said. "Very often, their hands and feet are extended, and they have very elongated digits, as if they're reaching out of the rock or into the rock."Many Native Americans believed boundaries between the spirit world and the natural were permeable, and things like rocks, trees and water sources -- including caves -- "were places those boundaries could be crossed."
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Opnieuw metaal op mars

Kijk hier voor close-up:

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Grenswetenschap: Voordelige voodoo

Wie voordelig uit wil zijn en van gezellige drukte houdt, doet zijn boodschappen graag op de markt. Heerlijk struinen tussen de diverse kraampjes, op zoek naar veel voor weinig. Twaalf panty's voor twee euro, dat werk. Onze markten worden gekenmerkt door keurige kraampjes, voor dag en dauw opgebouwd en volgestouwd door hardwerkende kooplui. Na afloop van de dag wordt alle rommel keurig opgeruimd en tegen borreltijd zijn alle sporen van de markt gewist.

Wie weleens buiten Europa op een markt is geweest, weet dat het ook heel anders kan. De (niet meer zo heel verse) vis ligt er in de brandende zon op een rieten matje, de groenten en granen in bulk opgetast in manden, Pekingeenden hangen zij aan zij in de open lucht. Koeling? Hygiëne? Keuringsdienst? Allemaal nergens voor nodig.

Gezellige drukte

Een wel heel opmerkelijke markt is te vinden in Lome, Togo. Een keur aan materialen die men nodig heeft voor het beoefenen van voodoo ligt hier breed uitgestald. Daar zit redelijk angstaanjagend spul tussen. Allerhande dierenschedels, vers (met alles erop, eraan en erin) of schoongemaakt en gedroogd. Talismannen (fetishes), apenhandjes, paardenbenen en vele andere gruwelijke ingrediënten voor voodoo medicijnen. Alles aan spotprijsjes.

Te kust en te keur

"To make the medicine, we grind up the heads with herbs and then put the mixture on the fire. This leaves us with a black powder.
We cut the person's chest or back three times and then rub the powder into the flesh." bron

Wie deze voodoo praktiseert, gelooft dat het leven ontstaan is uit de natuurlijke elementen water,aarde, vuur en lucht. In het west-Afrikaanse voodoogeloof worden aan dieren geneeskrachtige eigenschappen toegedicht. Er zit ook een zekere logica in het gebruik van de diverse onderdelen: moet je een voetbalwedstrijd keepen, dan wordt er in je medicijn een apenhand verwerkt, voor grip en snelheid. Wil je de marathon winnen, dan krijg je een preparaat waarin hoofd, hart, longen en alle vier de benen van een paard verwerkt zijn.


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UFO Caught Entering Volcano Popocateptl, Mexico On June 2013.

UFO Caught Entering Volcano Popocateptl, Mexico On June 2013.
Date of sighting: June 2013
Location of sighting: Volcano Popocateptl, Mexico

Many videos have been comming up of UFOs entering the volcano in Mexico. I first started reporting such things two years ago catching many UFOs on the live came, but now there are people setting up cameras not far from the volcano itself getting HD footage of the events. This is fantastic slow motion footage. Check out the bottom video I recorded from the live cam at the same volcano back in 2010 catching several UFOs. SCW


Russia:”Syria Will Be Armed With Weapons That Have Never Been Seen Before In the Middle East”

Last week, Noble Peace Prize winner President Barrack Obama advised that his administration would be arming the Free Syrian Army with weapons to resist the armies of Syria’s President Bashar Assad. Furthermore, they would look to implement a Libya-style no-fly zone over the country, which like Libya, would likely involve widespread carpet bombing of suspected military strongholds and control centers.
With boots on the ground around Syria’s borders, the United States is without a doubt preparing for widespread engagement across the region yet again, with the aim of the new U.S. supplied weapons being more killing and destruction in a civil war that has left tens of thousands dead in the last year.
It is the assumption of the Obama administration that these weapons will tip the scales of power in favor of the rebels, many of whom have been identified as members of America’s arch enemy, Al Queda.
But Russia’s KGB-hardened President Vladimir Putin has other ideas.
This week, according to a British intelligence report, Putin reportedly passed on a diplomatic communique to the United States and France using British Prime Minister David Cameron as the intermediary.
According to the report from Syrian-based Dam Press and the Dyar Newspaper, the Russians aren’t backing off their Syria policy and they are getting ready to double down by supplying Assad’s military with weapons the have never before been seen in the middle east.
If and when Western forces engage the Syrian army you can be assured that it will be nothing like the 1991 conflict in Iraq when a hundred thousand of Saddam Hussein’s soldiers surrendered without firing a shot. Nor will it be a no-fly zone free-for-all where air forces will be able to target military assets as they did in Libya without being challenged.
No, this time will be different.
This time, Russia and America may well being playing with fire. The kind that leads the people of this planet head first into World War III.
Global Research reports:
The Patriot Missiles will be hit and repealed with S 300 SAM [already installed in Syria]. Putin also threatened to deliver the more advanced S400 anti-aircraft missiles (see image below) far superior to the Patriot missiles and ranked as the World’s most advanced air defense system.
He added that Russia will also supply Syria with state-of –the-art 24-Barrell rocket launcherswhich have a range of 60 km ranked as the most developed artillery weapon of its kind.(see video below)
He added that Russia will supply 400 of these launchers which will be able to destroy all targets around Syria’s borders.

The British intelligence site stated that Putin threatened to send other secret Russian made weapons to Syria which would tip the balance of power even further in favour of Syria and re-iterated that these weapons will not be used against Israel on condition that Israel will not participate in the war within Syria and neighbouring countries. {Lebanon, Jordan]

Putin’s response came just over 24 hours after Obama’s statement on Saturday that he was going to arm the Syrian resistance.
Putin clearly stated that the Middle East is going to witness a significant change. Syria will be armed with weapons that have never been seen before [in the Middle East] including computer guided smart missiles that never miss their target.
He also added that Russia will supply Syria with Skean 5 ground -to-sea missiles that are capable of hitting and sinking any target up to 250 km off the Syrian coast.
Full report: Global Research
In his documentary Strategic Relocation Joel Skousen suggested that one of the most critical threats facing the world right now is the real possibility that Russia and America will engage in a future nuclear exchange.
While the weapons being supplied to Syria by both sides are a far cry from nuclear meltdown, the current policies of both nations can very quickly metastasize into a much more direct confrontation.
Vladimir Putin comes from the old world of Soviet leadership; one that believes in Russian military superiority and rules with an iron fist. He has no qualms about going to war if he finds it necessary to the long-term interests of Russia.
In the United States, President Barrack Obama is embroiled in numerous scandals and is presiding over an economy on the brink of collapse, giving him ample motivation to divert the attention of the public.
Neither of these leaders, given their past, would give pause to the thought of killing millions of people if they believe it was in their interest, or in the interest of their globalist handlers.
Wars in the 20th century, most democidal in origin, claimed the lives of hundreds of millions of people.
Just statistics in the history books to leadership circles in the upper echelons of our governing apparatus.
The lives of innocents have been sacrificed on the alters of power, greed and corruption since the dawn of man.
The 21st century is no different.
What IS different is that we have never before had weapons capable of killing every single person on this planet with the press of a button.
War is coming in this century – just as it came to the good people of earth in every century before.

Watch – ”The Last Day” - What the first few minutes of World War III will look like:


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Camping Under The Stars With Sherlock Holmes And Dr. Watson - Who said that astronomy is such a serious subject that it cannot be funny?
Sometimes astronomy can even turn into a good detective story as it did when Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson went camping under the stars... We came across the story today and since it's Friday we decided to share it with our MessageToEagle readers so we can all start the weekend with a good laugh!
Camping under the stars. Wallpaper

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson were going camping. They pitched their tent under the stars and went to sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night Holmes woke Watson up and said: Watson, look up at the stars, and tell me what you see?Watson replied: I see millions and millions of stars.Holmes said: and what do you deduce from that?Watson replied: Well, if there are millions of stars, and if even a few of those have planets, quite likely there are some planets like earth out there. And if there are a few planets like earth out there, there might also be life.And Holmes said: Watson, you idiot, it means that somebody stole our tent!!


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Hollywood Prepares us for the Predetermined Transhumanist Agenda

As expressed in previous posts, the Illuminati just love to flaunt their social engineering agenda through Hollywood with explicit intention of its audience dismissing it as fantasy and fairytale. This is elaborated upon more in the dissertation below. However, due to the restrictions of academia, it was only possible to convey what was really going on within certain terms and conditions in the hope that the board of examiners wouldn't pick up on it and notice what was being said. It obviously met with their approval, since it gained a 2.1 in a BA (Hons) Film with Media Studies.... This was not the original choice of degree subjects preferred. However, it seemed the only method and opportunity at an attempt to open a forum to express something felt since at an early age.

Under the pretense of the McCarthy Witch-hunts, the CIA seized control of Hollywood in the 1950's with the aim of controlling an entire new generation to condition us towards an accepted agenda through indoctrination. This was in the remit of the 1947 U.S. National Security Act, signed by 33+ Freemason, Harry S. Truman and unbeknown to the citizens of the U.S., the official transference of their nation to another entity. However, if a demonstration in secret history were needed, we could refer to the attempted coup d'état to overthrow the U.S. Government in 1934, and event that most Americans are oblivious to, since it has been censored from the history books. President Eisenhower was made aware of the 1947 handover when he inherited the office of President from Truman, knowing that he had no real power, which is why he seized the opportunity to make such an uncharacteristic outgoing address, warning us of what was to come. JFK wrongly assumed he had power when he inherited Eisenhower's legacy. He was not informed of what actually transpired in 1947, and that his role was purely to maintain the `illusion' of democracy. It is also reasonable to assume that JFK knew nothing of the events of 1934, since they were to be repeated while he was in office on the day of his assassination. However, his father, Joseph Kennedy almost certainly knew what was going on, since the name `Kennedy' belongs to the Illuminati bloodline, hence his political ambitions. Once the Kennedy's became aware of another agenda, they were viewed as ungrateful upstarts and a critical liability that Joe Kennedy was obligated to deal with, hence the removal of his boys. This was another motivation for Joe Kennedy to have one of his daughters lobotomized and abandon to a mental institute, since genetic imperfections are not acceptable in the Illuminati bloodline.

The National Security Act was one the main purposes for WWII, while the masses were still subdued under the influence of a false `liberation'. The National Security Act could be reasonably justified in the eyes of the American people due to two World Wars. It was a repetition of the same pattern from the aftermath of WWI throughout what the 1917 captured media had dubbed, "The Roaring 20s", replicated in the "Swinging 60's". Predictably, many Coincidence Theorists will dismiss this immediately, without bothering to even consider the research, completely oblivious that they themselves are the mice in the Pavlovian Maze. 9/11 was the third occasion in which the Hegelian Dialectic was to be implemented. On Sunday, October 30, 1938, millions of radio listeners were shocked when radio news alerts announced the arrival of Martians. It was in fact a fictional broadcast by Orson Welles of the 1898 Science Fiction novel War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells that had panicked a nation. However, something had to have been learned by the observers of such a mass public reaction, which brings us back to the 1950's.

There is more in-depth discussion throughout this blog on the incremental emergence from the darkness of the Light Bearers at certain periods in history, identifying patterns as the Illuminati become more confident that their agenda is falling into place. It is no coincidence, accident or the product of a more aware society that terms such as `New World Order' and `Illuminati' are so dominant in our modern language and alternative communications today. It is by design, as is our reaction. Someone is watching, and it is more socially acceptable under the label of Philanthropy, (re. Rockefeller) which encompasses the eugenics doctrine, born out of Darwinism. Somebody somewhere has simply given mankind the power to design the evolution of humanity, rather than God or nature, with the sole objective to elevating mankind to the position of `Gods', with a `supreme being' waiting to take his place upon the throne of the earth, demanding recompense for the granting of knowledge.



The CIA and its friends seem to be organising the riots in Brazil, using the term 'Gigante Acordou' - the Giant Awakes.

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff

Brazil is under attack because it is friends with Russia and because it has a moderately successful economy?

The riots in Brazil may have a link to Diageo.

Reportedly, the drinks company Diageo has links to the CIA.

Diageo helps to fund AmeriCares which is reportedly a CIA-front organisation.

cia's 'christian' faction; americares, pedophile rings ... - Aangirfan

Illuminati, Israeli Mossad, and Diageo are behind "protests" in BRAZIL

"In 2011, Diageo made this TV ad for Johnnie Walker in Brazil:
"The name of the ad was 'O gigante acordou' - 'the giant woke up'.

In April 2013, Diageo Co. made another TV ad for Johnnie Walker Red Label in Brazil:

"This ad says: 'Está na hora do próximo passo', that means 'It's time for the next step'.

"OK, now, a series of 'protests' have started in Brazil.

"OK, guess what is the HASHTAG used to organize the protests on Twitter?

"It's 'O Gigante Acorda' - 'The giant wakes up.'

"It's now VERY CLEAR that the MYSTERIOUS AD made by Diageo for Johnnie Walker, talking about 'time for the next step' was a CODE WORD for unleashing this 'Operation O Gigante Acorda'.

"Israeli Mossad is manipulating brainless youth to create those violent protests.

"Just like it in Egypt, and now in Turkey...

"It's 'Operation O Gigante Acorda'."

Illuminati, Israeli Mossad, and Diageo are behind "protests" in BRAZIL


London false flag 22 June - Blog of Blogs


Gold spot - $1,294


Three Centaurs Follow Uranus Through The Solar System

For the first time, researchers have demonstrated that this and a further two objects of the group of the Centaurs- asteroid-comet hybrids - are co-orbital with Uranus. - A large asteroid - Crantor - with a diameter of 70 km has an orbit similar to that of Uranus and takes the same amount of time to orbit the Sun, confirmed astrophysicists from the Complutense University of Madrid.
In 2006, Uruguayan astronomer Tabaré Gallardo suggested that the asteroids Crantor and 2000 SN331 complete their orbits of the Sun in the same time period as Uranus -- an orbit of approximately 84 Earth years.

This wider view of Uranus reveals the planet's faint rings and several of its satellites. The area outside Uranus was enhanced in brightness to reveal the faint rings and satellites. The outermost ring is brighter on the lower side, where it is wider. It is made of dust and small pebbles, which create a thin, dark, and almost vertical line across the right side of Uranus (especially visible on the natural-color image). The bright satellite on the lower right corner is Ariel, which has a snowy white surface. Five small satellites with dark surfaces can be seen just outside the rings. Clockwise from the top, they are: Desdemona, Belinda, Portia, Cressida, and Puck. Even fainter satellites were imaged in deeper exposures, also taken with the Advanced Camera in August 2003. Credit: NASA and Erich Karkoschka, University of Arizona

Now two researchers at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM, Spain) have confirmed that in the case of Crantor this is true.
"The simulations we have carried out in the Data Processing Centre of the UCM indicate that 2000 SN331 does not have 1:1 commensurability with Uranus, but Crantor does, which means it orbits the Sun in exactly the same time period as the planet," Carlos de la Fuente Marcos, one of the authors of the study, explains.

In addition, Crantor's orbit has a very similar semi-major axis to that of Uranus, although its eccentricity and inclination vary. The trajectories, figures and animations are published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.
"This 70 km-wide asteroid's orbit is controlled by the Sun and Uranus but is unstable due to disturbances from nearby Saturn," states De la Fuente Marcos.

Click on image to enlargeArtist’s impression of asteroid Crantor near Uranus. SINC

The researcher also reveals that they found another object, which has been named 2010 EU65 and moves in a similar orbit to Crantor's, "although much more stable because its trajectory is less eccentric."
Similarly, the latest data of a third asteroid, 2011 QF99 -- the discovery of which was made public only a few weeks ago -- also indicate that its orbit is in line with that of Uranus.
Centaurs are primitive, peculiar objects orbiting in the middle solar system. Centaurs have surfaces showing dramatically different spectral reflectances, from neutral to very red. Some spectra are featureless, while others show signatures of water ice, methanol, or other light hydro- carbons.
Centaurs were formed far beyond Jupiter’s orbit, but both were formed at low temperatures at which water exists as solid ice.
According to the Minor Planet Center, the regulating organization for the naming of asteroids and comets, the three objects that "follow" Uranus belong to the group of the Centaurs.
"Crantor, 2010 EU65 and 2011 QF99 are the first bodies to be documented as co-orbiting with Uranus," affirms De la Fuente Marcos, "although with distinct movements and trajectories."

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Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses

A Huge Worldwide Crash Is Coming: Europe Is On A One Way Road To Hell, Turkey, Brazil, & Argentina Are Cracking, China Is Set For A Total Financial Meltdown, And President Obama Just Gave The Signal To Short The Bond Market!!!

When a central bank like the Federal Reserve turns itself into a hedge fund, you know the lunatics have fully taken over the asylum. leverage is leveraged again. madness is the meme.
The Greenspan put has been around at least since 1998 when LTCM was so conveniently bailed out by the Reverend ” free money ” Al. Bernanke has continued the tradition.
The result has been a set of incredible bubbles around the world, in overvalued financial assets and stocks in the West, and in currencies, commodities, real estate, stocks and bonds in all emerging markets.
Without QE oil would certainly not be $100 a barrel, and one million Russian tourists a year would likely not be vacationing in sunny Thailand.
The unwind is starting. Europe is on a one way road to hell. Greece and Cyprus are already there. Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, and others are close behind. every European bank is basically insolvent. Turkey, Brazil, & Argentina are cracking. China is set for a total financial meltdown, mainly self-inflicted, but of course Ben’s easy money has kept the music playing right across Asia for far too long.
Abenomics? two weeks old and already a busted flush.
Goldman Slams Abenomics: “Positive Impact Is Gone, Only High Yields And Volatility Remain; BOJ Credibility At Stake”
Moody’s warns on China local government debt, financing vehicles
First Fitch & now Moody’s is worried about China’s massive credit bubble. This could be the black swan event of 2013. The ability of the mainland’s local governments to repay their debt is being questioned, with analysts warning that the liabilit…
China’s LIBOR Is Spiking, And The Central Bank Isn’t Doing Anything About It
‘Overly rapid credit expansion would not be accomodated.’
Ambrose: If Bernanke really shakes the tree, half the world may fall out
We no longer have a free market. The world’s financial asset prices have become a plaything of central banks and the sovereign wealth funds of a few emerging powers.
Julian Callow from Barclays says they are buying $1.8 trillion worth of AAA or safe-haven bonds each year from an available pool of $2 trillion. Nothing like this has been seen before in modern times, if ever.
The Fed, the ECB, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, et al, own $10 trillion in bonds. China, the petro-powers, et al, own another $10 trillion. Between them they have locked up $20 trillion, equal to roughly 25pc of global GDP. They are the market. That is why Fed taper talk has become so neuralgic, and why we all watch Chinese regulators for every clue on policy.
We will find out tomorrow whether Ben Bernanke is ready to blink after the market ructions of the last three weeks, sobered by the cascading upsets across the Brics and mini-Brics; or whether he will stay the course with Fed tapering sooner rather than later.
Obama’s recent comments suggest interest rates could soar this year
Did President Obama just give the signal to short the bond market?
In his comment that Ben Bernanke has served as Fed chairman longer than he has desired, the President has certainly provided a clue that Bernanke may be gone as Fed chairman sooner rather than later.
Indeed, it now appears that Bernanke may be a goner by September.
If this is the timeline we are looking at, interest rates may accelerate their current ascent.
Although interest rates have been on a long term down trend for years (In 1987, interest rates on 10-year notes were as high as 10%, and currently stand at 2.19%), there have been periods when interest rates bucked the downtrend.
Two notable periods that have seen upward moves in interest rates were when Fed chairmen departed.
As Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker left the Fed chairmanship in August 1987, the interest rate on the 10-year note climbed from 8.2% to 9.2% between June 1987 and September 1987. This was followed, of course by the October 1987 stock market crash…
Here Are The Warning Signs That Preceded The Last 3 Bond Market Crashes
  • 1994: The lead indicators were a pickup in US bank lending and small business hiring intentions, which led to a Q1 payroll shock and caused the Fed to quickly tighten policy.
  • 1987: The October crash was preceded by a dangerous combination of rising stocks, bond yields and gold prices, as well as global policy discord, as the Germans and Americans argued about monetary and exchange rate policy.
  • 1998: Amidst the ongoing Asian Financial Crisis and Japanese bank bailouts,confusion on how much the Fiscal Investment and Loan Program of the government would buy government bonds caused yields to jump by more than 100 basis points in less than three months, which led to a 13% equity correction.


Chinese banken vertrouwen elkaar niet meer

Chinese banken vertrouwen elkaar niet meer

Nee. Het is nog niet het einde van de wereld, maar de Shanghai InterBank Offered Rate (SHIBOR) schoot woensdagnacht naar nieuwe records. Dit is de interbancaire rente waartegen Chinese banken aan elkaar uitlenen. Banken vertrouwen elkaar niet meer waardoor de kredietmarkt stilvalt. En omdat de People's Bank of China (PBOC) passief aan de zijlijn blijft staan spoot de rente omhoog. Is weer een keer wat anders dan het naar beneden manipuleren van de Libor of de Euribor. De ‘overnight’ rente steeg woensdagnacht met 527 basispunten tot 12,85% en de zevendaagse SHIBOR tot 10,77%, een stijging van 270 basispunten. De vorige keer dat kredietmarkten echt op slot zaten was in 2008 en toen deden centrale banken er direct alles aan om banken door middel van gratis geld te steunen. Maar de nieuwe leider, Li Keqiang, die zich richt op economische hervormingen en het verkleinen van financiële risico's wil eerst zien waar de pijn zit in de markt. En hoe kun je dat beter doen dan te kijken hoe een afkoelende economie reageert op een speldenprikje? Vanavond besloot de PBOC alsnog $8,2 miljard (50 miljard yuan) in het banksysteem te pompen, waarmee de problemen op de interbancaire markt voorlopig zijn opgelost. Poker op topniveau dus. Wordt nog lachen straks met de Chinese banken die tot hun nek in de schulden zitten van lokale overheden.


Closed encounters of the third kind Expert's verdict on last batch of Govt UFO files to be made public

AlienX Files ... MoD received more Freedom of Information requests on UFOs than any other subject after 2005

THE last batch of UFO files from the Ministry of Defence is published today. It ends a five-year operation to declassify all the Government’s UFO documents and transfer them to the National Archives.

The MoD’s UFO project was axed in December 2009 – as revealed exclusively by The Sun.
The latest files reveal the plug was pulled because, alongside soaring numbers of UFO sightings, the MoD was being bombarded by Freedom of Information Act requests about alien activity. After the FoI act came fully into force in 2005, the MoD was soon receiving more requests on UFOs than on any other subject.
The files also reveal defence chiefs kept copies of The Sun when we reported apparent UFO incidents, like the one below.
Here NICK POPE, who worked on the MoD’s top secret UFO project, gives his verdict on these fascinating documents now available for public scrutiny.
IF you see strange lights in the sky or weird objects hovering overhead, don’t bother alerting the authorities — all recent reports of alien activity ended up being SHREDDED.
Sun report on UFO
Sun story ... UFO sightings
Files out today show the Ministry of Defence destroyed any stories of extra-terrestrial sightings sent in after their top secret UFO project was axed in December 2009.
The MoD decided to make their UFO files Ex-Files because they were being snowed under with sightings of ET and his mates, while also weighed down with requests about alien sightings under the Freedom of Information Act.
So if anybody sent the Government PROOF of alien visitation after 2009, it would have gone straight in the bin.
Today, the tenth and final batch of real-life X-Files declassified by the MoD has been published.
It contains 25 files, comprising around 4,400 pages of documents, of incidents occurring mainly between 2007 and 2009.
Of course, the files contain many sightings reported by well-meaning members of the public that turned out to be simply weather balloons or light aircraft.
But among these are the inexplicable experiences of those who sincerely believe they have had, as in the 1977 hit film, a Close Encounter Of The Third Kind.
Revelations in the files include the fact that defence chiefs kept cuttings from The Sun when the paper reported on soldiers filming strange lights in the sky while on duty. It made the front page, above.
One email in the log says: “The Sun has reported a UFO sighting over Tern Hill Barracks in Shropshire at 11pm on June 7, 2008.
“It appears that a number of soldiers saw lights in the sky and made a video which they passed to the newspaper.”
Members of the public also urged the MoD to investigate a suspected UFO crash into a wind turbine, which was on The Sun’s front page in January 2009, an incident detailed on the right.
One of the most bizarre reports in the files is of a 2007 sighting near Cardiff. It states: “The witness saw spaceships then said one of them abducted his dog, car and tent, when he and his friends were out camping.” It does not reveal whether rover returned.
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
Fear of the unknown ... scene from 1977 movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
In another, a message left on the MoD’s UFO answerphone on June 24, 2008, states that a UFO was seen above the caller’s house in Carlisle and that he was “living with an alien”. On July 3, 2008, a woman reported seeing two orange spheres in her garden, a foot away from her. She was concerned that her dog may have been “contaminated”.
In response to a question about UFO technology, another document reveals that MoD scientists were aware of “anti-gravity and gravity modification research” and would “assess whether such technologies could be of any benefit to defence in the future”.
In tandem with the newly-released files, a new iPhone/iPad app — called simply UFO Files UK — is being launched to showcase some of the material, allowing people access to the once secret documents.
You can also find out about UFO sightings in your area.
The release of these files and their transferral to the National Archives has been a massive undertaking. The first batch was made public in May 2008 and further batches followed every six months.
In all, more than 50,000 pages of documents have been released, some of which are classified “Secret UK Eyes Only” — pretty impressive for a subject the MoD constantly told Parliament, the media and the public was of “no defence significance”.
In the early days of the UFO file-release programme, the documents seemed to support the MoD’s public line that the UFO phenomenon could be explained away as misidentifications of aircraft lights, weather balloons and Chinese lanterns, with a few hoaxes thrown in for good measure.
The files contain pages of material detailing mundane sightings of flashing lights over airports and UFOs seen by people leaving pubs at closing time.
But much more interesting material is hidden away among the pages.
There are incidents where military jets were scrambled to intercept UFOs and where UFOs were tracked on radar doing extraordinary speeds and manoeuvres.
There are sighting reports from police officers and military personnel, along with terrifying incidents involving near-misses between UFOs and commercial aircraft.
Some think the file release is part of a campaign to prepare for the day when the Government announces aliens are REAL. Others believe it is all disinformation, designed to allow the “New World Order” to fake an alien invasion, declare martial law and take over the world.
As the public face of the file-release programme, some believe I still secretly work for the Government. I left in 2006.
To the fury of many, it seems much of the best material has not been released.
Defence Intelligence Staff files on the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, detailed on the right, have been “inadvertently destroyed”. Old gun camera footage taken from jets sent up to chase UFOs back in the Fifties and Sixties has been “lost”.
UFO photos sent to the MoD in 1990, showing an alien craft in Scotland, have been “misplaced”. And a ship’s log that might have contained details of a UFO seen during a NATO exercise was blown overboard by a “freak gust of wind”.
Ultimately, the release of these files is unlikely to change what people think about UFOs.
The conspiracy theorists will continue to believe that my colleagues and I hid proof of an alien presence for decades. As one angry letter in the new files states: “Some UFOs are of ET origin. You know this.
“I hope you make the correct decision and disclose this information before they make themselves known in a big way.”
Keep watching the skies — the truth is still out there.

Rendlesham was Britain’s Roswell

A FREEDOM of Information request reveals that documents on the 1980 Rendlesham Forest Incident were held in an amazing 109 separate files.
Personnel from RAF Bentwaters claimed to have seen a spacecraft landing and other UFO activity over three days.
The MoD received so many requests for information on the incident that case officers dubbed it “Britain’s Roswell” in reference to America’s famous “captured flying saucer” believed to contain an extra-terrestrial, which crashed near a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

Extra-terrestrial attack on turbine

Turbine UFO story in The Sun
Exclusive ... Sun story on turbine

IN January 2009 the MoD was asked to comment on our story suggesting that damage to a wind turbine in the Lincolnshire Wolds was due to a collision with a UFO.
The files quote the MoD as saying: “We are not aware of any substantive evidence to suggest the turbine was hit by a UFO. Unless we receive clear physical evidence... we do not intend to investigate.”

UFOs caught on RAF radar

AN account by a retired RAF flight lieutenant who witnessed the tracking of a UFO on radar at RAF Lyneham, Wilts, in 1993, notes the phenomenon was also seen by two members of a security patrol.
In another file, a former national serviceman recalls an unidentified blip on radar near Beachy Head, East Sussex, in 1953.
It moved at four times the speed of jet aircraft from the time.
Another blip appears to cross the path of an airliner near Portsmouth in December 2007. This sighting was referred to the MoD by a NATO official for investigation.

Near collisions with choppers

A SIGHTING of a small object that flew close to a South Wales Police helicopter was reported to Cardiff Airport in June 2008.
Nothing was seen on radar and the MoD said they had received no formal report from the police.
Another near-collision with an “unidentified aircraft displaying non-standard lights” was reported by the crew of a police helicopter on patrol over Birmingham city centre.
It was the subject of a formal investigation by the flight-safety watchdog, the UK Airprox Board. The inquiry was unable to explain the incident.

Sightseers came from outer space

Stone me! ... snap of historical site Stonehenge shows UFO
THIS grainy photo of Stonehenge was one of a series emailed to the MoD in January 2009.
The sender said: “I didn’t see anything in the sky at the time because I was focusing on the stones.
“But upon uploading them to my computer, I spotted the discoid shapes in the background.”
Additional reporting: TIM SPANTON

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