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Hout op mars?

Someone at NASA released a photo that they shouldn’t have, a picture of a piece of timber the size of a railroad tie, a photo that could get someone killed. There is no mistaking that the object in the print below is a piece of wood. NASA claims that Mars is a desert planet with no life at all. NASA lies, repeatedly.

Where would a piece of timber this size come from? There are vast forests on Mars, ones that are kept from the public. This piece of wood looks like it floated to its present location, being partially sunk in the soil. The ground around it is very interesting. Notice the flat rock formation of the soil and the crevices in between them. Does this look familiar? It appears to be the bed of a dried up pond. There had to be a significant amount of water in this area, water high enough to lift that railroad tie sized piece of timber and float is perhaps several miles. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter showed that vast regions of the Red Planet have been altered by floods. This dried pond effect should come as no surprise.

This flood had to have happened within the past thirty or forty years because the wood is intact, though this is judging the rate of decay by Earth standards. Some may say that Mars did have water on it long ago and that it even had an atmosphere, which is true, but a piece of timber isn’t going to survive for thousands of years.

Both of the Viking Orbiters filmed vast forests on Mars, though no subsequent probe to the Red Planet has shot a single frame of film showing a tree. This was by design. The Viking photographs show more than just a few trees but rather thousands upon thousand of them. These trees appear to be much larger than Earth trees, having a leaf and branch system that is unique to Mars. The foliage spans much wider than a similar plants on Earth do, rising to who knows what heights. The spacing between them could be the result of the dying Martian atmosphere. Dense forests more than likely filled large areas of Mars back in the days when it had a breathable environment. There were undoubtedly several species of trees, and different varieties of underbrush, which are now extinct.

The Flood destroyed the Garden of Eden and other ancient worlds that God wanted destroyed such as Atlantis. The Ancient Egyptians spoke of a time that existed before Egypt. The Sphinx clearly shows signs of water erosion, which shows that it existed before the Flood and well before modern archeologists claim that it did. The same wiping out strategy was applied to worlds beyond the Earth. Mars has an ancient world that was destroyed, one with a face and a pyramid. So it isn’t so hard to believe that the moon did as well.

Many claim that the moon isn’t a moon at all but an alien object that was placed in Earth orbit. Some have called it Luna. They claim that the moon was not mentioned in the Biblical story of creation, but it was. The moon was referred to as “the lesser light that rules the night” in Genesis 1:16. The moon stopped in the sky in Joshua 10:30 but this had nothing to do with the alien presence there.

The aliens live on the surface of the moon, but this is in no way saying that there isn’t an alien presence inside the moon as well. If you take some time to use your photo editor with high-resolution photos of the moon, it won’t take you long to find these structures. NASA will suggest that you created this or that it is really part of a crater. Stop and ask yourself one question, if the moon really is as NASA claims that it is, then why are some photos classified and unavailable to the public while others are inked and blurred?

One of the most famous examples of this is the Apollo 16 “Earth rise” photo in which “the Earth” is rising over the moon. NASA says that the object in the picture is the Earth and few people question it. If you think for yourself, and look with an open mind, you will clearly see that this is a UFO. This is another craft off to the left, which NASA doesn’t even attempt to explain away.

The fact that trees can survive in such an atmosphere, and with much less water than Earth trees do, reveals their unique structure while offering hope for an increasingly polluted Earth. Since the Martian atmosphere is 95% carbon dioxide, these plants would have to thrive on it in a way much superior to Earth trees. They may give off oxygen, though I am using terrestrial vegetation for comparison, but they could give off another gas, one even toxic to humans. Seeding or drafting these trees in bulk could bring breathable air back to the Red Planet. If Mars was so altered by water, then where did all that water go? Some of it went into the soil, much of it is frozen at the poles, and a good percentage of it went into a lake. NASA didn’t need to spend all that money on the Phoenix Mission in order to search for water on Mars. All they had to do was look at their old photographs.

The only way that piece of timber got to where it was is by way of flood, and the only way that it separated from the tree that it was once a part of was by high and rapidly flowing water. Based on the findings of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, that piece of wood could’ve floated for some distance before coming to its final resting place.

The lake, although frozen, Mars having a mean surface temperature of -46 degrees C, must contain more than just water. There has to be some amebas and other single celled organisms in these waters. There are most likely fossils of Martian fish and perhaps even Martian animals. On Earth, old lake beds are a prime location in which to find dinosaur fossils. Why would Mars be any different?

If you examine the lake carefully, especially toward the right angle, you will notice two indentations. One is large and shallow while the other one, which is located near the right edge of the lake, is small but much deeper. These are due to the lake shifting as the result of temperature fluctuations.

NASA can keep telling its lies but the photos have slipped out and what a story they tell. NASA thought that the Opportunity Rover took a picture of the area in front of it, but did they honestly expect us to forget about the railroad sized piece of timber in the foreground? It’s time for NASA to come clean with the public. It’s time that they land one of those rovers in Cydonia, the Inca city, or in one of forests.

vrijdag 29 maart 2013

UFO memo uit 1950 FBI’s meest gedownloade bestand

Het Hottel memo

Een memo die op 22 maart 1950 was opgesteld door Guy Hottel – toen het hoofd van het ‘field office’ van de FBI in Washington – aan FBI-baas J. Edgar Hoover over drie neergestorte UFO’s in New Mexico is het meest gedownloade document van de FBI. In 2011 begon de FBI met ‘The Vault’, een online beschikbare database van 6700 documenten van de FBI. De Hottel memo, zoals het document wordt genoemd, blijkt sindsdien bijna een miljoen keer te zijn gedownload. Je kan het document hier bekijken of downloaden. De UFO-memo werd in de jaren zeventig al vrijgegeven voor publicatie, nadat men er om had gevraagd op grond van de Freedom of Information Act, vergelijkbaar met onze Wet Openbaarmaking Bestuur (WOB). In de memo wordt gesproken over drie vliegende neergestorte schotels, elk zo’n 15 meter in diameter. Iedere schotel – rond in vorm met in het midden een verhoging – had drie wezens aan boord, ieder zo’n 90 cm lang. Hottel zelf heeft die schotels of wezens nooit gezien, maar hij hoorde het van iemand anders. De FBI zelf heeft kennelijk nooit waarde gehecht aan de Hottel memo, want er is nooit een onderzoek ingesteld naar aanleiding van de melding. Ook wordt met nadruk gemeld dat de Hottel memo niets te maken heeft met het beroemde Roswell incident uit 1947. Bron: Space.com.  

Indisputable Evidence That Cannabis May Be The Most Nutritional Vegetable In The World

Guncontrol: FPSRussia Raided By ATF & Police: Viral YouTube Channel Recently Lost Manager To Unsolved Shooting

After: http://libertyandsuch.com/manager-of-fpsrussia-found-murdered/

Now: http://beforeitsnews.com/survival/2013/03/fpsrussia-raided-by-atf-police-viral-youtube-channel-recently-lost-manager-to-unsolved-shooting-2467632.html

Also see: http://thisisyourwake-upcall.blogspot.nl/2012/12/massa-moordenmass-shootings-in-de-usa.html

According to the news report below from Online Athens, close to 40 law enforcement officers and ATF members have raided the home of YouTube star Kyle Myers, star of the viral FPSRussia youtube channel. The manager of Myers youtube channel, 32-year-old Keith Richard Ratliff, was recently killed; a shooting that has not been solved to this day and has been blamed upon secretive US government agencies by conspiracy theorists. Many of them believe that due to the popularity of the FPSRussia YouTube channel with the younger generation, they must be silenced in this day and age of government attacks upon the US Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. No arrests were made.

Nearly 40 law enforcement officers converged Tuesday on the property of a Franklin County man whose business partner was shot to death in January in a homicide that continues to trouble investigators.

U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents supervised the raid geared at finding explosives used by Kyle Myers, 26, because the ATF believes Myers may be violating a federal law regulating such explosives, according to ATF spokesman Richard Coes.

Federal agents, accompanied by Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents and deputies with the sheriff’s offices in Franklin and Hart counties, raided the Royston residence of Myers. Authorities also raided on Tuesday the 60-acre farm of Lamar Myers, Kyle’s father, in Lavonia.

No arrests were made, nor did Coes know if any explosives were seized.

Kyle Myers and his late partner have risen to internet fame due to videos such as the one below which have continuously gone viral.

donderdag 28 maart 2013

Financial "Death Spiral"

Internetstoringen in Afrika en Azië zijn mogelijk gevolg van sabotage

De diverse internetstoringen die de afgelopen week zijn opgetreden in Egypte, zijn mogelijk het gevolg van sabotage. Woensdag arresteerde de Egyptische kustwacht drie duikers die bezig waren met het doorsnijden van een internetkabel.

Hoewel de drie mannen werden gearresteerd toen ze de kabel nog aan het doorsnijden waren, zoals het Egyptische leger op zijn Facebook-pagina bekend heeft gemaakt, is de poging waarschijnlijk geslaagd: de internetkabel geeft sinds woensdagmorgen geen data meer door. De door de drie duikers beschadigde kabel is de zogenoemde SEA-ME-WE 4-kabel van het bedrijf Seacom, die van Frankrijk tot Singapore loopt.

Als gevolg van de kabelbreuk hebben honderden netwerken in Afrika en Azië geen verbinding, meldt Computerworld. Het incident volgt bovendien op andere storingen bij Seacom, dat internetconnectiviteit in Afrika levert. Volgens Reuters wil Seacom niet aangeven waardoor de storingen worden veroorzaakt, maar er lijkt dus sabotage in het spel te zijn.

Het internet leunt op onderzeese kabels voor intercontinentaal verkeer. Europa en Noord-Amerika zijn via diverse kabels met elkaar verbonden, maar naar Azië en Afrika liggen minder kabels. Het doorsnijden van kabels heeft voor internetgebruikers in die regio daardoor veel meer consequenties. Het gebeurt vaker dat onderzeese kabels defect raken, bijvoorbeeld door ankers van schepen. Het repareren van kabels is een ingewikkelde en dure klus, die lang kan duren.


Bron: http://tweakers.net/nieuws/88142/internetstoringen-in-afrika-en-azie-zijn-mogelijk-gevolg-van-sabotage.html

Mummy Confirms Hidden Race Of Little People In America?

The Nimerigar are legendary race of little people found in the folklore of the Shoshone people of North America's Rocky Mountains.

According to Shoshone tales, the Nimerigar were an aggressive people who would shoot poisoned arrows from tiny bows. Nimerigar were said to have lived in the Wind River and Pedro ranges of Wyoming. Although thought to be mythical, the reality of Nimerigar tales was called into question in 1932 with the discovery of the San Pedro Mountains Mummy, a 14-inch-tall mummy found in a cave 60 miles south of Casper, Wyoming, which was thought by some researchers to be that of an adult male. However, a more recent interpretation is that the mummy is an anencephalic infant. Uncertain whereabouts of the anomaly leave the verdict open.

Nearly every Native American culture tells of a race of little people. Comanche referred to Nunnupis, Cherokee to the Yumwi, and Hawaii have the Menehune.

In October 1932, while digging for gold in the San Pedro mountains, Wyoming, two prospectors, Cecil Mayne and Frank Carr, blasted their way through some thick rock. When the dust settled, they saw they had opened up a small room.

This is where they first saw the mummy of a tiny person. Upon its discovery, it was instantly called a hoax by most scholars. X-rays were performed on the mummy in 1950 and it was discovered that there was a "manlike" skeleton inside, almost fully formed.

More at: http://beforeitsnews.com/beyond-science/2013/03/does-pedro-the-mummy-confirm-legends-of-a-hidden-race-of-little-people-in-america-2441448.html?currentSplittedPage=0

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Prachtige maar illegale foto's vanaf de grote piramide!

Fresh perspective: A group of Russians waited until evening fell and climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza, capturing the views from the top of the ancient structure on camera

Alien artifacts in lost tomb of alexander the great found in illinois caves

Hundreds of ancient artifacts have been uncovered at caves in Illinois that are being made public. There are a number of videos that can be found at this page with many, many more photographs and videos. The caves were first discovered in the spring of 1925, when a local resident, Orville Lowery, of Hickory Hill, in the southeast corner of Marion County Illinois, was busy with his two daughters removing rocks and debris from an area designated to be the family garden. .

What follows is a very small sample of the many artifacts that have been found. site is well worth a visit. .....

Reiskaarten uit de klassieke oudheid

Interessant topic van ATS!


maandag 25 maart 2013

Hear Me America, Army Officer Warns DHS Preparing For War On American Citizens

Dear friends, the following is a copy of my correspondence with Senator Cornyn concerning the arming of the DHS for war against the citizens of our nation. You are each encouraged to copy and properly amend this letter to send to your own senators and members of the U.S. House.

Capt. Terry M. Hestilow, U.S. Army, Retired.Further, I am somewhat overwhelmed at the response to my posts leading up to this letter on this issue. At this point almost 3,000 of you have shared my original post, I have 994 new friends requests, 61 messages, and 70 new comments to process.

Please be patient with me and pray that this window of communication remains open to all of us as we respond to this threat against our Constitution and our people. I am awed by you, by your positive response, and your wonderful support. We each have a role to play in standing against this present tyranny.

Part of that proper response is sending them a letter like this from YOU, and following it up to make sure it remains a "hot button" issue that must be resolved. God bless you as you honor your oaths and your obligations as citizens of this free nation. May we once again know honorable leadership and peace at home. With all sincerity and respect--Resolved, Captain Terry M. Hestilow, United States Army, Retired.

The Honorable Senator John Cornyn, State of Texas

United States Senate

517 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20510

Re: Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and that agencies preparation for war against citizens of the United States of America.

Dear Senator Cornyn,

It is with gravest concern that I write to you today concerning the recent appropriation of weapons by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that can only be understood as a bold threat of war by that agency, and the Obama administration, against the citizens of the United States of America. To date, DHS has been unwilling to provide to you, the elected representatives of the People, justification for recent purchases of almost 3,000 mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) armored personnel carriers, 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition (with associated weapons), and other weapons systems, when, in fact, the DHS has no war mission or war making authority within the limits of the United States of America.

Significant is the fact that at the same time the Obama administration is arming his DHS for war within the limits of the United States against the People of the United States in accordance with his 2008 campaign speech claiming,

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve gotta (sic) have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded [as the United States military]”--Candidate Barack Obama, 2008.

The Obama administration is deliberately defunding, overextending, and hollowing the Department of Defense; the only legitimate agency of the U.S. government with a war mission.

This act of the Obama administration stands as a glaring threat of war against our nation’s citizens! This act of the Obama administration can only be understood as a tyrannical threat against the Constitution of the United States of America! If left unresolved, the peace loving citizens who have sworn to defend the United States Constitution “against all enemies, both foreign and domestic” are left no option except to prepare to defend themselves, and the U.S. Constitution, against this Administration’s “coup” against the People and the foundations of liberty fought for and defended for the past 238 years. We have no choice if we honor our oaths.

The only proper response to this threat against the American people is for the representatives of the People, the members of the U.S. House and Senate, to demand in clear terms that the Administration cannot ignore, that the Department of Homeland Security immediately surrender their newly appropriated weapons of war to the Department of Defense (DoD). Further, since the DHS has assumed a position in the Administration to enforce the tyrannical acts of this president against the People of the United States against the limits of the United States Constitution, it remains for the United States Congress to exercise its limiting power in the balancing of powers established by our founding fathers, to disestablish and dissolve the DHS as soon as possible. One needs only to look to the rise of Adolf Hitler, and his associated DHS organizations, the SA and the SS, of 1932-1934, to see the outcome of allowing an agency of government this kind of control over the free citizens of a nation. The people of Germany could not have imagined, until it was too late, the danger of allowing a tyrant this kind of power. We must not be so naïve as to think it will not happen to us as well if we remain passive toward this power grab by the Marxist Obama administration!

Finally, for more than two centuries the nation has lived in peace at home because of the protections of our legitimate military and the many appropriate state and federal law enforcement agencies, supported by Constitutional courts. We stand today at a cross-road. Will we allow this present Administration to overthrow our United States Constitution and its legal processes to amend injustices, or, will we honor our obligations to defend the Constitution against a “domestic” enemy? Our Constitution lays out the proper methods of resolving our differences; and it does not include its overthrow by a rogue agency of a Marxist leadership at home. You, sir, are our constitutionally elected agent to defend our Constitution at home. We are counting upon you. We remain aware, however, of this present threat and will not expose ourselves as an easy prey to the authors of the destruction of our nation.

I know that this letter demands much of you. We elected you because we, the citizens of the State of Texas, believe that you are up to the task at hand and will, against all threats, honor your oath and office. We are also writing to your fellow members of the House and Senate to stand in integrity with the Constitution and against this present threat by the Obama administration and his DHS.

We refuse to surrender our Constitution or our nation!


Captain Terry M. Hestilow

United States Army, Retired

Fort Worth, Texas

March 23, 2013


donderdag 21 maart 2013

5 milljoen varkens dood in China(5 milion pigs death in China)





China Genetic Test Causes Mass Death Catastrophe

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A shocking report prepared by Health Minister Dr. Veronika Skvortsova for President Putin that is circulating in the Kremlin today states that a Peoples Republic of China genetic test “backfired” and has, instead, caused a catastrophic situation to occur in Anhui Province wherein nearly 5 million swine have died during the past fortnight.

According to this report, Russian health officials became “highly concerned” this past week from reports emerging from the Zabaikalsk-Manzhouli border crossing that a crisis was occurring in Anhui Province and that over 85,000 Peoples Liberation Army troops had descended upon this area located in eastern China across the basins of the Yangtze and Huai Rivers.

Russian concerns were further heightened, Minister Skvortsova says, after at least 50 aircraft operated by the Beijing Weather Modification Office saturated a large portion of Anhui Province, specifically Shexian County, covering this area with what is described as a “mysterious sea of clouds.”

The reason for this unprecedented Chinese weather modification event, this report continues, was to conceal this area from Western satellite coverage so as to allow for the “removal and/or destruction” of millions of dead swine by the tens-of-thousands Peoples Liberation Army troops still streaming into this region.

Not all of Beijing’s efforts, however, have been successful in covering up this catastrophe, Minister Skvortsova says, as nearly 15,000 of these dead swine have already fouled the rivers of this region reaching as far as Shanghai.

Chinese authorities, seeking to quell the rising fears of their peoples, have noted that this region breeds around 7 million swine annually, and though stating that public health is not endangered, they did say that the cause of this mass-death event was “complicated.”

Minister Skvortsova, though, in her report notes that this mass-death event is “strongly related” to Chinese efforts to mass produce a psychotropic drug called Cerebrolysin made from a solution of small proteins and amino acids purified from swine brain tissues.

Cerebrolysin is currently approved in 44 countries worldwide, for stroke, dementia, and traumatic brain injury and is currently in Phase 3 trials in multiple countries in Europe. Because it has to be given in regular intravenous infusions it is impractical for use on a large scale and is manufactured by a single company named Ebewe Pharmaceutical.

Chinese researchers from West China Hospital in Chengdu have been at the forefront of Cerebrolysin research, this report continues, specifically in its ability to alter the mental states (pacify) of those taking it, and have been seeking a method of increasing its output from swine using genetic modification technology.

So promising was China’s research into Cerebrolysin, Minister Skvortsova says, its manufacturer, Ebewe Pharmaceutical, was acquired by Sandoz in 2009, and which itself is a subsidiary of the multinational pharmaceutical giant Novartis.

Sandoz is, also, the world's second largest generic drug company and maker of the mind altering drugs Clozaril, Mellaril and Serentil. Sandoz was also known for one of its scientists, Albert Hofmann, who synthesized LSD in 1938 and by 1949 was marketing it as a psychiatric drug under the trade name Delysid.

Chinese researchers Dr Yutao Du and Prof Shutang Feng announced this past November that the physiological similarities of swine to humans was maintained at a genetic level with 84 percent homology between the two species, leading Minister Skvortsova to speculate, based on standardized breeding models [A female pig can become pregnant at around 8-18 months of age. She will then go into heat every 21 days. Male pigs become sexually active at 8-10 months of age. A litter of piglets typically contains between 6 and 12 piglets], that the mass-death of swine now occurring in China shows a “strong correlation” to a “genetic test” having gone horribly wrong.

In further speculation, but offering no direct evidence, Minister Skvortsova further states in her report that the only three causes of such mass-death events in domestic food animals ever recorded are drastic weather conditions, disease or genetic testing; and with no evidence, so far, showing either weather or disease to be the cause, that then leaves only genetic testing as the logical reason for this mass-death event.

To the exact method used by Chinese scientists causing the mass-deaths of these millions of swine, Minister Skvortsova says, appears to be similar to those of US researchers blamed last year for the mass-deaths of cattle in Texas.

Preliminary tests on the Texas mass-death event revealed that the grass, an altered form of Bermuda grass known as Tifton 85, had mysteriously begun producing cyanide gas. The grass suspected of killing these cattle is not a GMO in the sense that food activists typically use, a Western report says, though it is a scientifically modified hybrid of African Bermuda grass and an earlier hybrid grass, Tifton 68 and while it was not developed through some of the more controversial gene splicing methods used in GMOs —such as, say injecting fish genes into tomatoes — it is technically considered a genetically modified plant.

Most ominous in this report is Minister Skvortsova’s summary wherein she warns that with this latest mass-death being linked to genetic testing, and when coupled with the mass-deaths of bees worldwide now being linked to genetic crops, and the mass-deaths of bats in the US being lined to GMOs too, the true horrors of what is being done to our world by genetic modification of natural organisms could very well lead to an extinction level

zondag 10 maart 2013

Ruines op antartica?

Zou het waar zijn? Het kan uiteraard al is de kans op overblijfselen onder schuivend ijs zeer klein. Misschien het gat zoals getoond op de derde youtube video van de post.

dinsdag 5 maart 2013

Iron mountain

Een oude documentaire die vertelt over een in de jaren 60' geschreven rapport, agenda 21 genoemd. Totale controle door de UN en de overheid. Onder andere door middel van gun control. Erg actueel voor een oude documentaire!

Wake up call remasterd!

Op advies van een maat(Raymond bedankt!)

Moet hem zelf nog kijken maar hij begint goed met DE scene uit de matrix, red or blue pill?!


maandag 4 maart 2013

Illuminati: The Rothschilds Exposed 3/3

These videos are an outline of Rothschild family history and an explanation of the money system. It details how the Rothschild banking family took over the money system since the late 1700's, and how the Rothschilds now control nearly all currency worldwide through their privately owned global central banking cartel.
The Rothschild central bank in a country prints and lends out money to a government at interest. The interest goes to the private owners: the Rothschilds.

En dan deze! 

Zie ook:


Nazi UFO (German: Rundflugzeug, Feuerball, Diskus, Haunebu, Hauneburg-Geräte, VRIL, Kugelblitz, Andromeda-Geräte, Flugkreisel, Kugelwaffen or ironically Reichsflugscheiben) refers to claims of advanced aircraft or spacecraft Nazi Germany attempted to develop prior to and during World War II. Some believe that ex-Nazi or possibly American scientists continue to develop new flying saucers in secret underground bunkers in the New Swabia region of Antarctica, South America or the United States. The probably fictional craft appear in science fiction, conspiracy theory, and underground comic books, although there are more than a few documentaries on the subject available through video sharing services.
While there is no credible evidence to support the theory of Nazi spacecraft, the stories are often associated with esoteric Nazism; an ideology that supposes the unlikely possibility of Nazi restoration by supernatural or paranormal means. Consequently all but the most plausible accounts of actual spacecraft are generally held to be religious, political and scientific heresy.
These accounts were likely inspired by historical German development of specialized engines such as Viktor Schauberger's "Repulsine" around the time of WWII. (right photo: Viktor Schauberger)

Nazi UFO tales and myths very often conform largely to documented history on the following points:
    * Nazi Germany claimed the territory of New Swabia in Antarctica, sent an expedition there in 1938, and planned others.
    * Nazi Germany conducted research into advanced propulsion technology, including rocketry, Viktor Schauberger's engine research[citation needed], flying wing craft and the Arthur Sack A.S.6 experimental "flying disc".
    * Some UFO sightings during World War II, particularly those known as foo fighters, were discovered to be prototype enemy aircraft designed to harass Allied aircraft through electromagnetic disruption; a technology similar to today's electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons.

Early claims
The earliest non-fiction assertion of Nazi flying saucers appears to have been an article which appeared in the Italian newspaper Il Giornale d'Italia in early 1950. Written by Professor Giuseppe Belluzzo, an Italian scientist and a former Italian Minister of National Economy under the Mussolini regime, it claimed that "types of flying discs were designed and studied in Germany and Italy as early as 1942". Belluzzo also expressed the opinion that "some great power is launching discs to study them".
The same month, German engineer Rudolf Schriever gave an interview to German news magazine Der Spiegel in which he claimed that he had designed a craft powered by a circular plane of rotating turbine blades 49 ft (15 m) in diameter (left picture - click to enlarge). He said that the project had been developed by him and his team at BMW's Prague works until April 1945, when he fled Czechoslovakia. His designs for the disk and a model were stolen from his workshop in Bremerhaven-Lehe in 1948 and he was convinced that Czech agents had built his craft for "a foreign power". In a separate interview with Der Spiegel in October 1952 he said that the plans were stolen from a farm he was hiding in near Regen on 14 May 1945. There are other discrepancies between the two interviews that add to the confusion.

In 1953, when Avro Canada announced that it was developing the VZ-9-AV Avrocar, a circular jet aircraft with an estimated speed of 1,500 mph (2,400 km/h), German engineer Georg Klein claimed that such designs had been developed during the Third Reich. Klein identified two types of supposed German flying disks:
    * A non-rotating disk developed at Breslau by V-2 rocket engineer Richard Miethe, which was captured by the Soviets, while Miethe fled to the US via France, and ended up working for Avro.
    * A disk developed by Rudolf Schriever and Klaus Habermohl at Prague, which consisted of a ring of moving turbine blades around a fixed cockpit. Klein claimed that he had witnessed this craft's first manned flight on 14 February 1945, when it managed to climb to 12,400 m (41,000 ft) in 3 minutes and attained a speed of 2,200 km/h (1,400 mph) in level flight.

Aeronautical engineer Roy Fedden remarked that the only craft that could approach the capabilities attributed to flying saucers were those being designed by the Germans towards the end of the war. Fedden (who was also chief of the technical mission to Germany for the Ministry of Aircraft Production) stated in 1945:
“I have seen enough of their designs and production plans to realize that if they (the Germans) had managed to prolong the war some months longer, we would have been confronted with a set of entirely new and deadly developments in air warfare.”
Fedden also added that the Germans were working on a number of very unusual aeronautical projects, though he did not elaborate upon his statement.

In 1959, Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, editor of the U.S.A.F.'s Project Blue Book wrote:
“When WWII ended, the Germans had several radical types of aircraft and guided missiles under development. The majority were in the most preliminary stages, but they were the only known craft that could even approach the performance of objects reported to UFO observers.”

Later claims

Morning of the Magicians
Main article: Le Matin des Magiciens
Le Matin des Magiciens, a 1967 book by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, made many spectacular claims about the Vril Society of Berlin.(left: Vril Society logo). Several years later writers, including Jan van Helsing, Norbert-Jürgen Ratthofer, and Vladimir Terziski, have built on their work, connecting the Vril Society with UFOs. Among their claims, they imply that the society may have made contact with an alien race and dedicated itself to creating spacecraft to reach the aliens. In partnership with the Thule Society and the Nazi Party, the Vril Society developed a series of flying disc prototypes. With the Nazi defeat, the society allegedly retreated to a base in Antarctica and vanished.
Terziski, a Bulgarian engineer who bills himself as president of the American Academy of Dissident Sciences, claims that the Germans collaborated in their advanced craft research with Axis powers Italy and Japan, and continued their space effort after the war from a base in New Swabia. He alleges that Germans may have landed on the Moon as early as 1942 and established an underground base there. Terziski relates that when Russians and Americans secretly landed on the moon in the 1950s they stayed at this still-operating base. According to Terziski, "there is atmosphere, water and vegetation on the Moon," which NASA conceals to exclude the third world from moon exploration. Terziski has been accused of fabricating his video and photographic evidence.

Ernst Zündel's marketing ploy
Main article: Zündel: Nazi UFOs-Antarctica
When German Holocaust denier Ernst Zündel started Samisdat Publishers in the 1970s, he initially catered to the UFOlogy community, which was then at its peak of public acceptance. His books claimed that flying saucers were Nazi secret weapons launched from an underground base in Antarctica, from which the Nazis hoped to conquer the world and possibly the planets. Zündel also sold (for $9999) seats on an exploration team to locate the polar entrance to the hollow earth. Some who interviewed Zündel claim that he privately admitted it was a deliberate hoax to build publicity for Samisdat, although he still defended it as late as 2002.

Miguel Serrano's book
In 1978 Miguel Serrano, a Chilean diplomat and Nazi sympathizer, published The Golden Band, in which he claimed that Adolf Hitler was an avatar of Vishnu and was at that time communing with Hyperborean gods in an underground Antarctic base in New Swabia. Serrano predicted that Hitler would lead a fleet of UFOs from the base to establish the Fourth Reich. In popular culture, this alleged UFO fleet is referred to as the Nazi flying saucers from Antarctica.

Nazi Saucers & the UFO Conspiracy

Flying saucers and the Third reich
Hitler and the Third Reich led Europe into a decade of terror in the first half of the 20th century that culminated in World War II. Technology played a greater part in that war than in past conflicts and the Germans developed an amazing array of secret weapons in a short time. Were flying discs part of the Luftwaffe arsenal? And if so, was this secret looted and used by the Allied victors after the war?
More than any war before it, World War II was the war of secret weapons. A few of these advances, like the American atomic bomb and the British ability to crack the German communication ciphers may have actually tipped the outcome of the conflict. The Axis powers also had their secrets and many of the most clandestine German war-time technical advances are now well known.

 German Secret Weapons
Hitler's forces flew the first military jet, the German Heinkel 178, in 1939. In 1943 the Germans also deployed the only jet fighter to go into regular service during the war: The Messerschmitt 262. This ME-262 could easily overtake the fastest Allied aircraft and only Hitler's misguided orders that the planes be outfitted as bombers instead of defensive fighters saved Allied aircraft from devastating casualties.
Cruise missiles, a staple of current advanced arsenals, were also first used by the Third Reich during the war. V-1 flying bombs were launched from German-held territories across the channel into England. The "buzz bombs," as they were sometimes called because of the sound of their impulse jet engines, could outrun most Allied aircraft, making the V-1's almost impossible to stop. The V-1's weakness was its guidance system (a problem solved in modern cruise missiles by the use of computer-controlled radar). Because it couldn't hit a pinpoint target, the V-1 could only be used to cause random terror and not zero in on truly important military assets.
The German V-2 rocket was the predecessor of the intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that filled the nuclear arsenals of the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War. It traveled up to 225 miles at five times the speed of sound and a single hit could demolish a city block. During the war, the V-2 killed 2724 civilians and injured another 6467. Like the V-1, though, it lacked a guidance system that would have allowed it to effectively strike at important targets.
Hitler's engineers even developed a rocket-powered fighter, the ME 163. Though it never was put into regular service, it was the first aircraft to fly faster than 600 miles an hour.
After the war, rumors surfaced that the Nazis had one more secret weapon that was still hidden: flying disc-shaped aircraft. According to these stories, some of the victorious Allied nations had plundered the German laboratories where these aircraft were being developed and secret testing of these devices explained many of the reports of flying saucers that appeared in the United States and the Soviet Union in the 1950's.

German Flying Discs
Many of the reports of Nazi flying saucers can be traced back to a book entitled German Secret Weapons of World War II written by Rudolf Lusar in the late 1950's. Lusar had been a major in a German army technical unit during the war. His book covered many of the acknowledged advances like the V1 and V2, but also included a chapter on "Wonder Weapons."
According to Lusar, a German aircraft designer named Rudolf Schriever, along with other engineers Habermohl, Mierth and Bellanzo (who was Italian), were working on several disc-shaped aircraft toward the end of the war. At a facility near Breslau, Poland, a group headed by Miethe constructed a prototype of a circular air vehicle 137 feet in diameter with an elongated hump on top for the cockpit. The aircraft was to be powered with "adjustable jet engines." In Lusar's account, the device was destroyed when the plant where it was being constructed was blown up by retreating German troops before it could be overrun by the Soviets in 1945.
At a second location just outside Prague, Czechoslovakia, according to Lusar, another group headed by Schriever and Habermohl were working on an additional disc aircraft. Diagrams included in the book show a central egg-shaped control pod surrounded by a nearly flat disc. The flat disc appears to be composed of fan blades that rotate to create lift. Ports on the lower part of the pod appear to be connected to jet engines that provide the forward propulsion.
Lusar states that the Schriever machine was tested in 1945 and supposedly reached an altitude of 12 kilometers (39,000 feet) in a little over three minutes. He continues by saying it had a top speed of 2000 kilometer an hour (1,200mph) - substantially faster than the speed of sound.
These claims seem somewhat incredible. According to conventional history, the first aircraft to break the sound barrier the X-1, an American rocket-powered plane in 1947. It seems unlikely that Schriever's group would have been able to make such a drastic leap in performance so early and so quickly. In addition, comments from Schriever himself, who relocated to the United States after the war, indicate that any prototypes of the craft were destroyed before flight test as the Germans abandoned their facilities in the face of advancing Allied troops.

Foo Fighters
According to Lusar, the Germans' had also developed small automated, unconventional aircraft. One version was called the Feuerball while another, capable of vertical takeoff, was referred to as the Kugelblitz. According to stories, these craft were only armed with devices designed to guide them to allied aircraft and interfere with their electronics and engines.
The Feuerball and Kugelblitz stories seem to parallel tales of "foo-fighters" told by Allied pilots during the war. Despite this, it seems unlikely that Feuerballs and Kugelblitzs were ever actually built or flown. The "foo-fighters" observed were probably some purely natural phenomena (right photo). No Allied plane ever reported being attacked or disabled by a foo-fighter and it is likely that if the Germans had invented a device capable of tracking planes as well as the foo-fighters apparently did, they would have soon armed it with more effective weapons.

The "Legend"
Nick Cook, a respected aviation journalist for Jane's Defense Weekly Nick looked into the claims for German flying discs in his 2001 book The Hunt for Zero Point. Cook became interested in unconventional aircraft after seeing some articles written in the 1950's that quoted respected experts of the era, like Lawrence D. Bell (whose company designed the supersonic X-1) predicting that the next major breakthrough in aviation could be anti-gravity devices. His research led him to Lusar's book and the stories of German flying saucers.
Cook was perhaps one of the few aviation writers that was willing to take the "Legend" of German flying saucers seriously. While researching his book he visited many of the locations mentioned in German Secret Weapons of World War II. He also connected the stories of the German saucer designers to the work of a man named Victor Schauberger.

Victor Schauberger
Schauberger was born in Austria in 1885 and was considered by many to be a crackpot. Schauberger himself is quoted as saying, "They call me deranged. The hope is they are right..." While his professional training was as a "forester," Cook, after visiting the Schauberger's grandson and examining his papers and the machinery he had constructed, concluded that Schauberger was actually more of an engineer. Schauberger believed that machines could be designed better so that they would be "going with the flow of nature" rather than against it.
One of Schauberger's projects was to produce a flying machine, saucer shaped, that used a "vortex propulsion" system. His theory was that "if water or air is rotated into a twisting form of oscillation, known as a 'colloidal,' a build-up of energy results, which, with immense power, can cause levitation."
According to some accounts, Schauberger built several models, one of which was almost five feet in diameter and was powered by a 1/20 hp electric engine. Some reports indicated that one of the models actually flew. In an echo of the story of the Schriever disc, Schauberger wrote to a friend that a full-sized prototype of one of his designs was constructed using prison labor at the Mauhausen concentration camp. This craft flew on February 19th of 1945 near Prague and obtained an altitude of 45,000 feet in only 3 minutes. The letter goes on to say the prototype was destroyed by the Nazis before it could be captured by the Allies.
After the war Schauberger moved to the United States, where some contend he worked on secret projects for the U.S. government. He died in 1958, apparently claiming his ideas had been stolen.
Cook concluded that if the stories about Schauberger's work were true, his devices must have created an anti-gravity effect. Cook even visited a location in the remote Sudeten Mountains in Poland where antigravity experiments were supposed to have taken place using a bell-shaped device that glowed a pale blue when operating.

Advantages of Disc Aircraft
The "Legend" of German flying saucers is fascinating, but is any of it true? It certainly seems likely that there was some experimentation with the concept within the Reich, as there was in the United States. Disc-shaped aircraft have several advantages, including low stall speed and low drag, even at high speeds. The rounded shape can also lower the craft's radar profile making it "stealthy."
The low stall/drag of the shape would have been particularly interesting to the Germans at the end of the war. Months of bombing had reduced German runways to rubble. A saucer-shaped craft might have been able to lift off the ground with a short runway or even do a vertical-takeoff-and -landing with no runway at all.
In his book Cook concludes that Nazis flying saucer technology was appropriated by the United States and the Soviet Union at the end of the war. This suggestion is not wholly without merit, since it is now clear that US and USSR rocketry development in the 50's and 60's owed a lot to German scientists. These engineers, quietly brought into the United States via operation "Paperclip," assisted the United States in its space program and its Cold War struggle against the Soviet Union. Similarly, according to author Jim Wilson in an article in Popular Mechanics in July 1997, there are records that suggest at least two people, brothers named Walter and Reimar Horten, were sought by the United States after the war because of their participation in German military saucer programs.

UFOs and Antigravity Myths
It is clear that at least some of the Nazi saucer lore developed after the war, rather than during it. In his book, UFOs: Nazi Secret Weapons? author Ernst Zundel claims that Hitler escaped at the end of the war to establish a flying saucer base in Antarctica. Zundel's tale is connected with the discredited idea that the earth is hollow and the interior can be accessed from the polar regions. As colorful as such stories are, they are so far afield from reality that they can't be taken seriously.
In contrast, Cook's assertion in The Hunt for Zero Point that antigravity technology was spirited out of Germany at the end of the war doesn't seem all that far-fetched. It is difficult to believe, however, that such advanced knowledge, if it really worked, would not have shown up in the intervening 60 years in U.S. military equipment or through the NASA space program. The ability to shield an object from gravity, if it could be done, would greatly decrease the cost and difficulty of putting objects into space. 

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