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Update: Massa moorden(Mass shootings) in de USA? Toeval? Ik denk het niet!


Post 1: Wat is er gaande?
De Amerikaanse overheid wenst al enige tijd een wapenban om de bevolking te ontwapenen. Weerloze burgers zijn namelijk makkelijker in het gereel te houden dan bewapende! Hitler en andere wijlen dictators kunnen hierover meepraten! Wat is de beste manier om een ongewilde wet kracht te geven? Door de bevolking er zelf naar te laten vragen. En hoe je dat voor elkaar krijgt is dit jaar meermaals gedemonstreerd. False flag? Er zijn genoeg theorieen! Niet alleen over Sandy maar ook over Aurora en andere shootings! Onderstaand een greep uit de bak.



Post 5

Published on Apr 1, 2013
Taking a far closer look at the Barbara Sibley account with emphasis on the TIMELINE. According to official reports the entire shooting took place in between 5 and 8 minutes! Sibley’s account seems to contradict the official reports AND all the eyewitness testimony.
Part THREE: Second Hand News: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Y3Osf…
Part ONE: New Evidence: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKiIoh…

Post 4: Sandy Hook Tragedy: Corporate Media’s “Lone Gunman” Storyline Losing Ground


A cross section of kill-to-injury ratios of major mass shootings suggests that if Adam Lanza acted alone in carrying out the Sandy Hook Elementary School carnage he was among the most accurate killers in modern history, exceeding even the lethal damage meted out by Al Capone’s machine gun-wielding henchmen in the infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Incident, # of shooters, weapon(s) used Shot Killed Wounded Kill-to-wounded ratio
SANDY HOOK (2012) 1 shooter, AR-15, .223 27 26 (96.2%) 1 (3.8%) 26:1
Aurora, CO (2012) 1 shooter, AR-15, .223 71 12 (16.9%) 59 (83%) 1:5
Tucson, AZ (2011) 1 shooter, Glock 9mm 14 6 (42.8%) 8 (57.1%) 1:1.2
N. Ill. U (2008) 1 shooter, 9mm 26 5 (20%) 21 ((80%) 1:4
Virginia Tech (2007) 1 shooter, 9mm pistol 49 32 (68%) 17 (32%) 2:1
Columbine, CO (1999) 2 shooters, 12 ga., 9mm 33 12 (36%) 21 (64%) 1:2
U. Iowa (1991) 1 shooter/.38 spec. 6 5 (83%) 1 (16%) 5:1
Stockton, CA (1989) 1 shooter AK-47 35 5 (14%) 30 (86%) 1:6
École Polytechnique/Montreal  Massacre (1989) 1 shooter, Ruger Mini 14 .223 27 14 (52%) 13 (48%) 1.1:1
Cal. St. Fullerton (1976) 1 shooter .22 LR semi-auto 9 7 (78%) 2 (22%) 3.5:1
U. Texas Tower (1966) 1 shooter 48 16 (33%) 32 (67%) 1:2
St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (1929) 2 shooters, .45 submachine guns 7 6 (85.8%) 1 (14.2%) 6:1

Never mind the facts, however. The public has been repeatedly told by corporate news media that the December 14, 2012 incident was exclusively carried out by the awkward 20-year-old man with virtually no firearms or military training.
“The debate over gun violence gained urgency after a gunman killed 20 first-graders and six adults on December 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut,” Reuters observed as recently as February 7. “The killer, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, used a Bushmaster AR-15 type assault rifle to shoot his victims before killing himself.”[1]
Over the past seven weeks mainstream media have spoken in one earsplitting voice to drive home the now familiar “lone gunman” storyline ostensibly proffered by law enforcement while dismissing a multitude of important evidence indicating a far more complex scenario.
Indeed, as information recently pointed to by Digital Journal indicates,[2] in a widescale rush to judgment major news media have neglected vital information and statements from Connecticut state authorities suggesting that Lanza may have had accomplices.
In a December 26 court plea to postpone release of contents yielded through five search warrant, Connecticut State Attorney General Stephen Sedensky argued that unsealing such findings might “seriously jeopardize” the investigation by divulging evidence heretofore known only to other “potential suspects.”
Pointing to “information in the search warrant affidavits that is not known to the general public,”  Sedensky also argued that opening the warrants would “identify persons cooperating with the investigation, thus possibly jeopardizing their personal safety and well-being.”
The prosecutor’s statement came less than two weeks after Connecticut State Police Lieutenant J. Paul Vance told reporters how there were “some cards that we’re holding close to our vest.”
In light of the above and alongside a wealth of additional evidence calling the “official story” into question, the corporate news media’s long-running and continued emphasis of the “lone gunman” narrative appears increasingly fraudulent. The question remains whether this is merely a case of slipshod reporting or part of a more intentional mass deception against the American public.

[1] Thomas Ferraro and Richard Cohen, “House Democrats to Unveil Gun Control Package; Mirrors Obama’s,” NBC/Reuters, February 7, 2013.
[2] Ralph Lopez, “Sandy Hook DA Cites ‘Potential Suspects,’ Fears Witness Safety,” Digital Journal, February 5, 2013.

Source: http://www.globalresearch.ca/sandy-hook-tragedy-corporate-medias-lone-gunman-storyline-losing-ground/5322426


















Video Aurora: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=69b_1342883552

Post 5:




Post 2:

Fact # 1: There was at least 2 or 3 shooters that were also in the Sandy Hook school with Adam Lanza . Some of the video was shown on television but only 1 time and have never aired again.

Fact # 2: The medical examiner claimed that the children were killed with the rifle. But the rifle was found in the truck of a Adam Lanza car. So who did all the shooting if the rifle was in the trunk of a car? and why would the medical examiner say that the children were killed with the rifle ?

Fact # 3: Emily Parker’s dad was laughing and smiling right before he gave an official interview on CNN. Let me ask you a question if you lost a child would you be laughing and smiling 24 hours after the death of your loved one?

Fact # 4: Who created the Emily Parker Fan page on Dec 14th just a few hours before the shooting. I just want to know what kind of a person makes a Facebook Fund Page while their child in in the school on a lock-down yet they still didn’t know the condition of their daughter? she was not even confirmed dead yet…. i smell BS

Fact # 5: Why are all the parents in the interviews are either smiling or have a guilty smirk on their faces days after their children were killed? is that an act of a grieving parent or an actor?

Fact # 6: This is a REAL Site !!!

(after you get past all Warnings ???)






Crisis Actors


“A new group of actors is now available nationwide for active shooter drills and mall shooting full-scale exercises,

announced Visionbox, Denver’s leading professional actors studio.

ITHACA — It is one of those ironies which seem to abound. The Ithaca Police Department finished training for handling situations like a school gunman on the day 20 children and 6 adults were killed by a gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary school. Saying SWAT teams are no longer adequate to respond to time when police must encounter a gunman in a building, an IPD spokesman said officers were trained during a six-week Law Enforcement Active Shooter Response

between Nov. 5 and December 14. After 5 officers were trained in how to respond to an active shooter, a vacant City of Ithaca building was used to train other IPD officers. Along with classroom instruction,officers were taught tactics

and equipment for “force on force encounters.” Among the tactics learned: room entry, stairwell clearing,

hallway movement and mental preparation. The training is in response to “the continual recent tragedies involving

senseless acts of violence towards large groups of people in schools, malls and other public places,” according to the department. “The mindset on police response to an active shooter incidents has changed in the last 15 years, most notably since the school shooting in Columbine, Colorado. The past approach was to wait for the SWAT Team to arrive and handle the situation,” according to Ithaca police. Noting SWAT teams “usually takes valuable time” in which victim are left at risk, the new game plan for police has evolved. “The approach has evolved into training every officer to respond to the scene of any active shooter incident, locate any person actively attempting to hurt or kill innocent people, and stopping that person as soon as possible.”

Fact # 7: Very strange behavior of the Medical Examiner ( he seems more of an actor then a medical examiner) he seems to find the situation quiet funny.

Fact # 8: What do September 11th and 7 July 2005 London bombings and Sandy Hook shooting have in common?

The different version of Homeland security were running simultaneous drills as all those 3 events took place on the same dates… Ironic? Or planned out ? You have to do your own thinking here, but its very clear what is happening to here anyone who has done their research.

Fact # 9: Victoria Soto Facebook Page was created 4 days before the Sandy Hook shooting. Also “Our Heart are with Sandy Hook” was created 3 days before the shooting. The website “Sandy Hook Elementary Victims Fund” was created 1 days before the Sandy Hook shooting. Seems as if someone had an open window into the future or this was all pre-planned and people were putting pages up not realizing that it can be traced back to the creation date of the Facebook page and the Sandy Hook Heart website. As a professional blogger i know how to trace back dates of origin of a website, its what bloggers do, that is why they want to silence the internet, they do not want people picking up their mistakes and then presenting it to the whole world discrediting the news lies and media deception. Remember if they can controlled what people watch and read and make people feel something that is not true is called mind control & deception and people are being controlled with fear and disgusting lies. Why do you think everyday at 5 pm across U.S.A all the news media run the same top 5 stories ? It does not matter if you are watch NBC, ABC, or CBS, all the top 5 to 7 stories happen to be the same. Its like their are controlling the media instead of giving people the real true stories that are happening across the globe.

Fact # 10: Media frenzy to ban all guns across the U.S.A destroying the 2nd Constitutional Amendment. I mean lets really think about this one it is the most important one. If our 2nd Constitutional amendment is banned what is next destroying the 1st Constitutional amendment “Freedom of Speech” ? and what is next this country turning into a socialist or a communist regime. As i write this article it makes me feel as if this country was the last place for freedom of speech and now that also seems to be under threat. I have spend my first 10 years of my life raised in Russia in a big city of St. Petersburg i know how it is to live in a country where the government tells you what to read, what to watch, and not to speak against any corruption of the government of you get send up to Siberia for a 10 year vacation that many do not come back from. My father spend 7 years in jail for speaking out against the corrupt x Soviet Government and in the middle of the night KGB broke down the door and arrested him. So you don’t have to tell me about freedom i lived it and seen it first hand.

Post 3:

The Sandy Hook Conspiracy has gone viral, thanks largely to alternative media, who refuse to let this abomination of lies go to rest. Thanks also to the many YouTube video creators and bloggers and researchers in cyberspace who keep digging through the lies to unearth facts, Americans are awakening in record numbers to government sponsored terror attacks upon the people. Millions of Americans are taking up arms in preparation of protecting themselves against government sponsored terror as it now turns its' evil eyes upon the America. The outstanding Sandy Hook false flag video below, The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed, has received OVER 5 million views on YouTube since it was released only one week ago. CNN and Anderson Cooper, the New World Order shill, have played their part as well, bringing Crisis Actors to the forefront of the thoughts of countless Americans who once would have never thought that our goverment could be capable of doing something as sinister as this. Well, of course they have, proven 100% at least dating back to 1962, the year before the CIA killed Kennedy in 1963; directly from Wikipedia.:

Operation Northwoods was a series of false-flag proposals that originated within the United States government in 1962, but were rejected by the Kennedy administration.[2] The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or other operatives, to commit perceived acts of terrorism in U.S. cities and elsewhere. These acts of terrorism were to be blamed on Cuba in order to create public support for a war against that nation, which had recently become communist under Fidel Castro.[3] One part of Operation Northwoods was to "develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington".

Operation Northwoods proposals included hijackings and bombings followed by the introduction of phony evidence that would implicate the Cuban government. It stated:

The desired resultant from the execution of this plan would be to place the United States in the apparent position of suffering defensible grievances from a rash and irresponsible government of Cuba and to develop an international image of a Cuban threat to peace in the Western Hemisphere.

  Update: De discussie laait verder op!






Onderstaand kort de geschiedenis van mass shootings van de laatste jaren :

April 1999 - two teenage schoolboys shot and killed 12 schoolmates and a teacher at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, before killing themselves.

July 1999 - a stock exchange trader in Atlanta, Georgia, killed 12 people including his wife and two children before taking his own life.
Related Articles

September 1999 - a gunman opened fire at a prayer service in Fort Worth, Texas, killing six people before committing suicide.

October 2002 - a series of sniper-style shootings occurred in Washington DC, leaving 10 dead.

August 2003 - in Chicago, a laid-off worker shot and killed six of his former workmates.

November 2004 - in Birchwood, Wisconsin, a hunter killed six other hunters and wounded two others after an argument with them.

March 2005 - a man opened fire at a church service in Brookfield, Wisconsin, killing seven people.

October 2006 - a truck driver killed five schoolgirls and seriously wounded six others in a school in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania before taking his own life.

April 2007 - student Seung-Hui Cho shot and killed 32 people and wounded 15 others at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, before shooting himself, making it the deadliest mass shooting in the United States after 2000.

August 2007 - Three Delaware State University students were shot and killed in “execution style” by a 28-year-old and two 15-year-old boys. A fourth student was shot and stabbed.

September 2007 - A freshman student at Delaware State University shot and wounded two other students at a campus dining hall.

December 2007 - a 20-year-old man killed nine people and injured five others in a shopping center in Omaha, Nebraska.

December 2007 - a woman and her boyfriend shot dead six members of her family on Christmas Eve in Carnation, Washington.

February 2008 - a shooter who is still at large tied up and shot six women at a suburban clothing store in Chicago, leaving five of them dead and the remaining one injured.

February 2008 - a man opened fire in a lecture hall at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, killing five students and wounding 16 others before laying down his weapon and surrendering.

July 2008 – A former student shot three people in a computer lab at South Mountain Community College, Phoenix, Arizona.

September 2008 - a mentally ill man who was released from jail one month earlier shot eight people in Alger, Washington, leaving six of them dead and the rest two wounded.

October 2008 - Several men in a car drove up to a dormitory at the University of Central Arkansas and opened fire, killing two students and injuring a third person.

December 2008 - a man dressed in a Santa Claus suit opened fire at a family Christmas party in Covina, California, then set fire on the house and killed himself. Police later found nine people dead in the debris of the house.

March 2009 - a 28-year-old laid-off worker opened fire while driving a car through several towns in Alabama, killing 10 people.

March 2009 - a heavily-armed gunman shot dead eight people, many of them elderly and sick people, in a private-owned nursing home in North Carolina.

March 2009 - six people were shot dead in a high-grade apartment building in Santa Clara, California.

April 2009 – An 18-year-old former student followed a pizza deliveryman into his old dormitory, and shot the deliveryman, a dorm monitor, and himself at Hampton University, Virginia.

April 2009 - a man shot dead 13 people at a civic center in Binghamton, New York.

July 2009 - Six people, including one student, were shot in a drive-by shooting at a community rally on the campus of Texas Southern University, Houston.

November 2009 - U.S. army psychologist Major Nidal Hasan opened fire at a military base in Fort Hood, Texas, leaving 13 dead and 42 others wounded.

February 2010 A professor opened fire 50 minutes into at a Biological Sciences Department faculty meeting at the University of Alabama, killing three colleagues and wounding three others

January 2011 - a gunman opened fire at a public gathering outside a grocery in Tuscon, Arizona, killing six people including a nine-year-old girl and wounding at least 12 others. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was severely injured with a gunshot to the head.

July 2012 - Masked gunman opens fire at midnight cinema screen of new Batman film The Dark Knight Rises, killing 12 and injuring 58. Suspect James Holmes is arrested by oplice and awaiting trial.

August 2012 - Gunman kills six people at SIkh temple in Wisconsin before being shot dead by police. Suspect is named as white supremacists Wade Michael Page.

December 2012 - Sandy Hook elementary school Gunman kills 26, 20 of them childeren.

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Wat is dit bij onze zon?

 Wat zien we hier? De wetenschappelijke verklaring is super verheet gas. Maar waarom is de aantrekker rond?

woensdag 12 december 2012

Major general comes forward on 9-11

Major General Albert (Bert) N. Stubblebine III (U.S. Army, Retired) graduated from The United States Military Academy (West Point) in 1952, and served in the US Army for 32 years. Starting his career as an Armor officer, he subsequently rose through the ranks to lead troops at every echelon of Army command, and held several senior posts in US Army Intelligence. His commands as a General Officer included the US Army Intelligence Center and School, the Army's Electronic Research and Development Command (ERADCOM) and the US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). Whilst on active duty Stubblebine also redesigned the intelligence architecture of the United States Army, and restructured the Army Intelligence training curriculum. After his retirement from the Army in 1984 he served until 1990 as the Vice President for Intelligence Systems at BDM Corporation, a private defense sector contractor, and then acted as a part-time consultant to two government contractors; ERIM, and Space Applications Corporation (SAC). More recently, and along with his wife, the psychiatrist Rima Laibow, Stubblebine sat on the Board of Canadian Submarine Technologies Inc, and claimed to be the designer of AEGIS, "a major Homeland Security private initiative".

Aanrader: Allies of humanity

Ik ben een echte aanrader tegengekomen voor mensen die geïnteresseerd zijn in het grote plaatje. Ik ben er nog niet over uit of het echt is of een verknipte vorm van fictie maar de boodschap is in ieder geval erg mooi en sluit aan bij het beeld wat ik al had van de huidige situatie op aarde en in ons Melkweg stelsel en het verdere universum.

Ik ben laatst begonnen in het eerste gratis boek Allies of humanity van Marshall vian Summers, onderstaand de link naar de website. Het zijn drie boeken die de mensheid moeten voorbereiden over het geen gaande is met de 'visitors' van aarde en wat wij moeten weten over 'the greater community' van intelligente en spirituele entiteiten die het universum verbergt.


Onderstaand een grip uit een deel van het eerste hoofdstuk:

The first area of activity of the visitors is to influence individuals in positions of power and authority. Because the visitors do not want to destroy anything in the world or harm the world’s resources, they seek to gain influence over those whom they perceive to be in positions of power, within government and religion primarily. They seek contact, but only with certain individuals. They have the power to make this contact, and they have the power of persuasion. Not all whom they contact will be persuaded, but many will be. The promise of greater power, greater technology and world domination will intrigue and incite many individuals. And it is these individuals with whom the visitors will seek to establish a liaison. There are very few people in the governments of the world who are being so affected, but their numbers are growing. The visitors understand the hierarchy of power because they themselves live by it, following their own chain of command, you might say. They are highly organized and very focused in their endeavors, and the idea of having cultures full of free-thinking individuals is largely foreign to them. They do not comprehend or understand individual freedom. Theyare like many technologically advanced societies in theGreater Community who function both within their respectiveworlds and in their establishments across vast reaches ofspace, utilizing a very well-established and rigid form of governmentand organization. They believe that humanity ischaotic and unruly, and they feel they are bringing order to asituation that they cannot themselves comprehend.Individual freedom is unknown to them, and they do not seeits value. As a result, what they seek to establish in the worldwill not honor this freedom.Therefore, their first area of endeavor is to establish a liaison with individuals in positions of power and influence inorder to gain their allegiance and to persuade them of the beneficial aspects of relationship and shared purpose.The second avenue of activity, which is perhaps the most difficult to consider from your perspective, is the manipulation of religious values and impulses. The visitors understand that humanity’s greatest abilities also represent its greatest
vulnerability. People’s longing for individual redemption represents one of the greatest assets the human family has to offer, even to the Greater Community. But it is also your weakness. And it is these impulses and these values that will be used.

Several groups of the visitors wish to establish themselves as spiritual agents because they know how to speak in the Mental Environment. They can communicate to people directly, and unfortunately, because there are very few people in the world who can discern the difference between a spiritual voice and the visitors’ voice, the situation becomes very difficult. Therefore, the second area of activity is to gain people’s
allegiance through their religious and spiritual motivations. Actually, this can be done quite easily because humanity is not yet strong or developed in the Mental Environment. It is difficult for people to discern where these impulses are coming from. Many people want to give themselves to anything they think has a greater voice and a greater power. Your visitors can project images—images of your saints, of your teachers, of angels—images that are held dear and sacred within your world. They have cultivated this ability through many, many centuries of attempting to influence each other and by learning the ways of persuasion that are practiced in many places in the Greater Community. They consider you primitive, and so they feel they can exert this influence and use these methods upon you. Here there is an attempt to contact those individuals who are considered sensitive, receptive and naturally given to be cooperative. Many people will be selected, but a few will be chosen based upon these particular qualities. Your visitors will seek to gain allegiance with these individuals, to gain their trust and to gain their devotion, telling the recipients that the visitors are here to uplift humanity spiritually, to give humanity new hope, new blessings and new power—indeed promising the things that people want so dearly but have not yet found themselves. Perhaps you may wonder, “How can such a thing occur?” But we can assure you that it is not difficult once you learn these skills and abilities.

Mooie quote! Uit hoofdstuk 5


Threshold: A New Promise for Humanity
"The Greater Community is vast. Its furthest reaches have never been explored. It is greater than any race can comprehend. Within this magnificent creation, intelligent life exists at all levels of evolution and in countless expressions. Your world exists in a part of the Greater Community that is fairly well inhabited. There are many areas of the Greater Community that have never been explored and other areas where races live in secret. Everything exists in the Greater Community in terms of the manifestations of life. And though life as we have been describing it seems difficult and challenging, the Creator works everywhere, reclaiming the separated through Knowledge."

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Two Different Reports Of Three Glowing UFOs Over Pennsylvania, Seen By Mayor And Other Witnesses

Even een kopie / paste van beforeitsnews!

Posted by Scott C. Waring, author, UFO Sightings Daily
Date of sighting: November 16, 2012
Location of sighting: Apollo, Pennsylvania, USA
Time: 5 PM
Eyewitness states: ”Picture taken by Cindee McDermott and seen by Mayor Karen Kenzevich. Both saw it at the same time from different locations in Apollo. Others on Apollo also saw them. They took better pictures…I will send these to you also…With their statements… My neighbor Rose took them from work. Then another gentlemen took them from another area close to Apollo. Spring Church…Im on facebook and of course I have some in denial.”

Above is three close-ups with added contrasts from photos below.

“Cynthia McDermott, Borough Secretary and I Cynthia Virostek, Borough Councilwoman and Karen Kenzevich, Apollo Borough Mayor, were on our way to a Borough Council meeting noticed this unusual formation. We never saw jets fly that close to each other, never in 3′s and there was no noise and was not moving very fast. The only thing we had was this cell phone picture. It was truely an amazing site to see.”
(6 photos above, many from her friends around Apollo)
Sightings Daily about this sighting and then a second report about the same sighting by a different person was also made at MUFON. Also note that the most common time to catch UFOs in the sky is during sunset, because the suns rays are bent at a right angle to the UFOs, the UFOs cloak is only capable of bending light 180 degrees around itself, any more and it becomes slightly visible from 30 second to 15 minutes. On Google Map, the city of Apollo is 14.5 miles away from the city of Sheloca.
Date of 2nd sighting: November 16, 2012
Location of 2nd sighting: Shelocta, Pennsylvania, USA (photos below)
Second Eyewitness states: (MUFON)
“I was driving from Johnstown PA to Pittsburgh PA at about 4:50 pm on Nov. 16th, 2012. I was traveling West on interstate 422 when I witnessed a glowing ball to my left moving in the same direction as me. In front of me a few miles was another glowing ball. These two balls converged and were joined by a third (I did not see where the 3rd one came from, I hadnt pulled over yet). They stayed in a triangular formation and hovered a few miles in front of me for a solid 6 – 10 minutes during which time I pulled over and got some pictures. I attempted to take video, but the shapes were not showing up on my viewfinder. I was however able to get some still photos. While the objects were hovering, flame or light was coming out of the bottoms making them resemble jellyfish. Anytime they moved, they were simply round. Anytime they stopped, they had something coming out of the bottom again. After 10 minutes or so, they faded from site. I continued down the road a ways, and found that they likely had been hovering over a power plant (I think it was nuclear — it had that type of cooling towers). A few minutes later (maybe 15 minutes from when I initially saw the objects) several military jet planes (4-6? I was driving and by now it was getting dark.) came from the West heading towards where I had seen the objects by the plant. I have military experience and have seen flares, various planes, drones copters, etc. and these objects were not like anything I had ever seen. They initially moved independently, then joined up and hovered in formation. They did not leave those trails in the sky like a passenger jet or the military jets that came after the fact. When they faded, there was no trails or anything left. There were several of us that pulled over and took pictures, but I do not know any of those people.”

More here: http://www.ufosightingsdaily.com/

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Lloyd Pye en de Starchild skull

Is er echt bewijs van buitenaards leven en niet in handen van een overheid....JA dat is er!

Bedankt Lloyd Pye!!

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UFOtv = Awesome!

Om er maar eens een te noemen. Ik zou zeggen check het kanaal eens!


Vimana gevonden in Afghanistan...?

Gaaf interview met Steven Quayle. Zeer de moeite waard om te luisteren!

Zie ook:
Voor meer informatie over vimana's zie: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_vimanas.htm

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Gaaf stuk over OOPArts!

Onderstaand een mooi stuk over OOPArts gevonden op de site http://beforeitsnews.com/. Ik heb heb er eerder een blog aan besteed nu ik denk was het mijn eerste bericht. Over het boek Eaths forbidden secrets. Het is een digitaal boek over OOPArts die mij anders heeft laten denken, zeker de moeite waard eens te lezen! ►http://thisisyourwake-upcall.blogspot.nl/2009/12/earths-forbidden-secrets-van-maxwel.html

Ook het bericht over de Chinese piramides sluit hier mooi op aan!
► http://thisisyourwake-upcall.blogspot.nl/2011/12/alien-base-found-at-chinese-pyramid.html
Forbidden Archaeology – Secret Discoveries of Early Man 

Out-of-place artifact (OOPArt) is a term coined by American naturalist and cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson for an object of historical, archaeological, or paleontological interest found in a very unusual or seemingly impossible context that could challenge conventional historical chronology.
The term “out-of-place artifact” is rarely used by mainstream historians or scientists. Its use is largely confined to cryptozoologists, proponents of ancient astronaut theories, Young Earth creationists, and paranormal enthusiasts. The term is used to describe a wide variety of objects, from anomalies studied by mainstream science to pseudoarchaeology far outside the mainstream, to objects that have been shown to be hoaxes or to have mundane explanations.

Critics argue that most purported OOPArts which are not hoaxes are the result of mistaken interpretation, wishful thinking, or a mistaken belief that a particular culture couldn’t have created an artifact or technology due to a lack of knowledge or materials. Supporters regard OOPArts as evidence that mainstream science is overlooking huge areas of knowledge, either willfully or through ignorance.

Many writers or researchers who question conventional views of human history have used purported OOPArts in attempts to bolster their arguments. Creation Science relies on allegedly anomalous finds in the archaeological record to challenge scientific chronologies and models of human evolution. Claimed OOPArts have been used to support religious descriptions of pre-history, ancient astronaut theories, or the notion of vanished civilizations that possessed knowledge or technology more advanced than our own.

Uploaded by   Subscribe to this channel here: http://www.youtube.com/show/ufotvpresents

It’s Indiana Jones meets The X-Files in this intriguing program that tackles the age-old question “Where did we come from?” Fascinating viewing! Highly recommended! – Michael Rogers, “Library Journal”

The creators of the Emmy Award Winning Mystery of the Sphinx present a revolutionary new film that examines one of our greatest mysteries: Man’s origins. Hosted by Charlton Heston, this film challenges what we are being taught about human evolution and the rise of early civilization. A new breed of scientific investigators present startling evidence that the academic community has quietly ignored.


The video includes the facts about this amazing mystery and a fascinating series of spellbinding interviews with researchers, scientists, and the best known, most credible authorities in the world today.  NOW on DVD in a New 3-DVD Special Edition — LOADED with Bonus Features and Interviews – Cat# U664 – Go to http://www.UFOTV.com. UFOTV delivers a steady stream of High Quality Feature Length Programs on a wide variety of Suppressed and Exotic topics such as UFOs and Exopolitics, The Paranormal, Political and Science Controversies, Mind and Spirit

Footprint resembling man discovered along side dinosaur tracks.

Credit: http://www.UFOTV.com. and Bushnev, Alexander, Komsomolskya Pravda, January 31, 1995,
This footprint is from the Zapata track, found in Permian limestone in New Mexico. In 1987, not far from the Zapata track site, paleontologist Jerry MacDonald discovered a variety of beautifully preserved fossil footprints in Permian strata. The Robledo Mountain site contains thousands of footprints and invertebrate trails that represent dozens of different kinds of animals.

Credit: http://www.ancient-wisdom.co.uk/ooparts.htm /”Petrified Footprints: A Puzzling Parade of Permian Beasts,” The Smithsonian, Vol. 23, July 1992, p.70

In some cases, the uncertainty results from inaccurate descriptions. For example: the Wolfsegg Iron was said to be a perfect cube, but in fact it is not; the Klerksdorp spheres were said to be perfect spheres, but they are not; and the Iron pillar of Delhi was said to be stainless, but it has some rust near its base.

Klerksdorp spheres are small objects, often spherical to disc-shaped, that have been collected by miners and rockhounds from 3-billion-year-old pyrophyllite deposits mined by Wonderstone Ltd., near Ottosdal, South Africa. They have been cited by some alternative researchers and reporters in books, popular articles, and many web pages, as inexplicable out-of-place artifacts that could only have been manufactured by intelligent beings. Geologists who have studied these objects argue that the objects are not manufactured, but are rather the result of natural processes

Credit: Wikipedia

 The Iron pillar of Delhi: Iron pillar of Delhi: supposedly demonstrates more advanced metallurgy than was available in 1st millennium India.

 Credit: Photograph taken by Mark A. Wilson (Department of Geology, The College of Wooster)

One of Quimbaya airplanes.  The Quimbaya civilization is a South American civilization, noted for spectacular gold work characterized by technical accuracy and detailed designs. The majority of the gold work is made in tumbaga alloy, with 30% copper, which imparts beautiful color tonalities to the pieces. The Quimbaya inhabited the areas corresponding the modern departments of Quindío, Caldas and Risaralda in Colombia, around the valley of the Cauca River. There is no clear data about when they were initially established; the current best guess is around the 1st century BCE.

Quimbaya airplanes: golden objects founded in Colombia, made by Quimbaya civilization culture, that are supposed to represent modern airplanes. In the Gold Museum, Bogota they are described as figures of birds and insects. However, many researchers doubt this determination.

File:Avion quimbaya.jpg
Credit: Nemequene

Inca Stone
File:Ica stones20.JPG
Credit: Brattarb

Baalbek megaliths: Supposedly impossible to move with Bronze Age technology.
File:Baalbek- largest stone.jpg
Credit: Wikipedia

The Temple complex at Baalbeck
File:Pano Baalbek 1.jpg
Credit: Wikipedia

In rare cases, a claim is validated by mainstream science; i.e., it is proven that some artifact was created with a technology not previously thought to have existed in the ancient culture that built it. One piece that changed mainstream understanding of ancient technology is the Antikythera mechanism, a type of mechanical computer which has been fully validated as a real object from about 150–100 BCE. Before X-ray examination, its clockwork-like appearance (dating about 1,000 years before clocks were invented) was cited as evidence of alien visitation by fringe sources.

Antikythera mechanism and a schematic of the mechanism.

A partially validated example is the Maine penny, from the Goddard site in Blue Hill, Maine, United States. It is an 11th century Norse coin found in an American Indian shell midden. Over 20,000 objects were found over a 15-year period at the site. The sole non-Native artifact was the coin. Some argue it demonstrates Norse visits to North America unknown to archaeology; mainstream belief is that it was brought to the site from Labrador or Newfoundland by native trade

Dendera Lamps: supposed to depict a light bulb, but made in Ptolemaic Egypt.: The “Dendera light” is a technology of electrical lighting supposedly in existence in ancient Egypt, proposed by some authors. Proponents argue that the technology is depicted in the Hathor temple at the Dendera Temple complex located in Egypt on three stone reliefs (one single and a double representation), which resemble some modern electrical lighting systems. Egyptologists reject the theory and explain the reliefs as a typical set of symbolic images from Egyptian mythology

File:Dendera light 002.jpg

Iron Man (Eiserner Mann): an old iron pillar, said to be a unique oddity in Central Europe. Der Eiserne Mann (The Iron Man) is an old iron pillar partially buried in the ground in the German national forest of Naturpark Kottenforst-Ville, about two kilometers north-east of the village Dünstekoven. It is a roughly square metal bar with about 1.47 m above ground and approximately 2.7 m below ground. The pillar is currently located at a meeting of trails which were built in the early 18th century through the formerly pathless forest area, but it is believed to have stood in another nearby location before that time.

File:Der Eiserne Mann Closeup.jpg
Credit: Chris Walters

After the long exposure to the weather, the iron man shows signs of weathering but there is remarkably little trace of rust. It is located at 50.70757° N by 6.96105° E at an elevation of approximately 159 m.

Nazca Lines: supposedly impossible to design without the aid of an aerial view. The Nazca Lines  are a series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. They were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. The high, arid plateau stretches more than 80 kilometres (50 mi) between the towns of Nazca and Palpa on the Pampas de Jumana about 400 km south of Lima. Although some local geoglyphs resemble Paracas motifs, scholars believe the Nazca Lines were created by the Nazca culture between 400 and 650 AD.[1] The hundreds of individual figures range in complexity from simple lines to stylized hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys, fish, sharks, orcas, and lizards.

This aerial photograph was taken by Maria Reiche, one of the first archaeologists to study the lines, in 1953.

File:Lignes de Nazca oiseau.jpgFile:Nazca-lineas-perro-c01.jpg

Pacal’s sarcophagus lid: Described by Erich von Däniken as a depiction of a spaceship.

Piri Reis map: several ancient astronauts authors, and others such as Gavin Menzies and Charles Hapgood, suggested that this map, made by the Turkish admiral Piri Reis from a diverse range of sources centuries before Antarctica was discovered, features that continent and even has many points of continuity with modern maps of Antarctica below its ice sheets.

File:Piri reis world map 01.jpg

Saqqara Bird: supposed to depict a glider, but made in Ancient Egypt.: Some have suggested that the Saqqara Bird may represent evidence that knowledge of the principles of aviation existed many centuries before such are generally believed to have first been discovered. Egyptian physician, archaeologist, parapsychologist and dowser Khalil Messiha has speculated that the ancient Egyptians developed the first aircraft. He wrote that it “represents a diminutive of an original monoplane still present in Saqqara.” He also claimed that the Saqqara Bird could function as a glider if it had a horizontal tailplane, which he “suppose[d] was lost,”[5] and noted that the Egyptians often placed miniaturized representations of their technology in their tomb

Messiha contended that the Saqqara Bird differs significantly from other statues and models of birds housed in the Cairo museum. According to Messiha, the Saqqara Bird has a vertical tailplane which is unlike the generally horizontal shape of a real bird’s tail. Richard P. Hallion described this fin as “shaped as if the bird had twisted its tail feathers.” It is also legless and has wings set at an angle Messiha sees as similar to that of modern aircraft, which he considered an attempt to create aerodynamic lift.

File:Photo 2-plane side view1.jpg

Shakōkidogū: small humanoid and animal figurines made during the late Jōmon period (14,000 –400 BCE) of prehistoric Japan, said to resemble extraterrestrial astronauts.

Stone spheres of Costa Rica: inaccurately described as perfectly spherical, and therefore as demonstrating greater stoneworking skills than were available in pre-Columbian times.The stone spheres (or stone balls) of Costa Rica are an assortment of over three hundred petrospheres in Costa Rica, located on the Diquís Delta and on Isla del Caño. Locally, they are known as Las Bolas. The spheres are commonly attributed to the extinct Diquís culture and are sometimes referred to as the Diquís Spheres. They are the best-known stone sculptures of the Isthmo-Colombian area.

The Cambodian stegasaurus is found  in the carved facade seen at the temples of Ta Prohm, Cambodia and are dated to the 11th century A.D.

Credit: http://www.bible.ca/tracks/tracks-cambodia.htm

The Baigong Pipes are a series of pipe-like features found on and near Mount Baigong, about 40 km southwest of the city of Delingha, in the Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, China.The Baigong Pipes are reported to be associated with a “pyramid” about 50 to 60 meters (160 to 200 feet) high built on Mount Baigong. The front of the “pyramid” reportedly contains three caves. The mouths of the two smaller caves have collapsed. Only the largest cave, which is 6 meters (18 feet) high, can be entered

Baigong Pipes.jpg
Credit: Wikipedia

Cylindrical structures very similar to the Baigong Pipes have also been found protruding from outcrops of Pliocene Citronelle Formation in the Florida parishes of Louisiana and in older Pleistocene fluvial sediments within South-central Louisiana. These structures are as much as 70 cm in diameter and 100 cm in depth. Detailed studies of these cylindrical structures found that they were created by the formation of ironstone rims around tap roots of pine trees by soil forming processes Natural pipe-like features, which are virtually identical to the Baigong Pipes, occur in the Navajo Sandstone and other sandstones of Southwestern United States. The bleached sandstone seen in the picture of the cave entrance is typical of sandstones in which natural pipe-like features have been found.

Two Baigong Pipes have been reported from the largest cave. One of these is described as being 40 cm (16 in) in diameter and preserved as a reddish-brown “half-pipe”. Within the same cave, another pipe-like feature of similar diameter was also found. “Dozens” of upright pipe-like features, about 10 to 40 cm (4 to 16 inches) in diameter, were also found protruding from Mount Baigong above the largest cave.
Additional Baigong Pipes were found on shore and within Toson Lake, which lies 80 meters (260 feet) from the mouth of the largest cave. On the beach of Lake Toson, about 40 meters (130 feet) from the mouth of the largest cave, apparently flat-lying, hollow, pipe-like features were found. These reddish-brown pipe-like features range in diameter from 2 to 4.5 cm (0.8 to 1.8 inch) and have an east-west orientation. Another group of pipe-like features, presumably vertical, either protrude from or lie just below the surface of the lake.
Associated with these pipe-like features are “rusty scraps” and “strangely shaped stones”. Analysis of the “rusty scraps” by Liu Shaolin at a “local smeltery” reportedly found that they consist of 30 percent ferric oxide and large amounts of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide. Because any metallurgical analysis reports the composition of a material analyzed, not in terms of the actual minerals comprising it, but only in terms of percentages of the oxides of the specific elements present, the calcium present in the “pipes” could have been in the form of calcite, a mineral that naturally forms concretions.

Abydos Temple: Abydos  is one of the most ancient cities of Upper Egypt, and also of the eight Upper Nome, of which it was the capital city. It is located about 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) west of the Nile at latitude 26° 10′ N, near the modern Egyptian towns of el-’Araba el Madfuna and al-Balyana. The city was called Abdju in the ancient Egyptian language (3bdw or AbDw as technically transcribed from hieroglyphs) meaning “the hill of the symbol or reliquary”, a reference to a reliquary in which the sacred head of Osiris was preserved. The Temple is also famous for a carving that shows what looks to be a helicopter, submarine, a flying saurcer and a jet aircraft.

Considered one of the most important archaeological sites of Ancient Egypt, the sacred city of Abydos was the site of many ancient temples, including Umm el-Qa’ab, a royal necropolis where early pharaohs were entombed. These tombs began to be seen as extremely significant burials and in later times it became desirable to be buried in the area, leading to the growth of the town’s importance as a cult site.
Today, Abydos is notable for the memorial temple of Seti I, which contains an inscription from the nineteenth dynasty known to the modern world as the Abydos King List. It is a chronological list showing cartouches of most dynastic pharaohs of Egypt from Menes until Ramesses I, Seti’s father.  The Great Temple and most of the ancient town are buried under the modern buildings to the north of the Seti temple. Many of the original structures and the artifacts within them are considered irretrievable and lost; many may have been destroyed by the new construction.

Chief Joseph and the Cuneiform Tablet
Among the effects of Chief Joseph, the famed leader of the Nez Perce Indians, was a clay tablet bearing a cuneiform inscription. The tablet transmits no startling message, being merely a receipt for one lamb changing hands. But where did a Northwest Indian chief get a 3,000year-old tablet? The tablet first came to light around 1878, long before cuneiform tablets became common on the artifacts market. Still, it could have been a gift from some missionary or tourist — or even planted as a hoax.

(Park, Edwards; “Where Did Chief Joseph Get a Cuneiform Tablet?” Smithsonian Magazine, 9:36, February 1979.)

 Rameses  Hooked on Tobacco:: French scientists examining the stomach of the Egyptian Pharaoh Rameses II found fragments of tobacco leaves. Further analysis of the 3,200-year-old mummy indicated the presence of nicotine in the body. Conventional wisdom has it that tobacco was unknown in the Old World until the Spanish brought it back from the Americas in the Sixteenth Century.

(Anonymous; “Tobacco in Egypt,” Anthropological Journal of Canada, 16:10, 1978.)

Ancient Roman pottery off Maine: While skindiving in the Bay of Castine in 1971, Norman Bakeman discovered two peculiar ceramic storage jars in 12 meters of water. These jars were recovered and have since been compared to Portugese “anforetas” used during the Roman period for the storage of wine, oil, honey, etc. A similar anforeta as also been recovered in Jonesboro, Maine. The clay paste and grit of the Maine jars closely resemble those used in Iberia almost 2,000 years ago. The possibility that these containers might be Spanish olive jars circa 1800 is also discussed.

Amphorae stacking.jpg
(Whittall, James P., II; “Anforetas Recovered in Maine,” Early Sites Research Society, Bulletin, 5:1, 1977.) as reported by William Corliss, Science Frontiers.

Mystery Hill, Town of Salem, NH  

 Four miles east on Route 111 is a privately owned complex of strange stone structures bearing similarities to early stone work found in western Europe. They suggest an ancient culture may have existed here more than 2,000 years ago. Sometimes called “America’s Stonehenge”, these intriguing chambers hold a fascinating story and could be remnants of a pre-Viking or even Phoenician civilization.
Map picture
Credit: http://mikenh.wordpress.com/2009/10/22/marker-72-mystery-hill/

Saudi Arabia Has Nazca Like Lines, Strange Stone Circles, Huge Craters And Incredible Crescent Moon Only Visible From The Airhttp://tiny.cc/jcs4lw The Arabia Shield has a volcanic nature inside. A region of the Western Saudi Arabia is in
 fact covered with vast fields of lava known as harraat. These lands are spotted by many stone circles, Nazca-like lines and other quite interesting archaeological remains of the Neolithic period, such as the “desert kites”, the hunters used to guide the game across the harrah in some corrals. With Google Maps, Italian researcher Amelia Carolina Sparavigna and others at the Dipartimento di Fisica, Politecnico di Torino were able observe both sceneries, the volcanic nature of the land and a portrait of Arabia during the Neolithic times. Locations are given so others can find them on Google Earth.  Part of Figure 4: Nazca-like lines, desert kits and strange stone circles in Saudi Arabia

Nine photos and story here: http://tiny.cc/jcs4lw

Hueyatlaco: 250,000 Year Old Settlement In Mexico Found Under Volcanic Ash   http://tiny.cc/ndt4lw

Humans were hunting mastodons in Mexico 250,000 years ago.  This archaeological heresy is supported by finding at Hueyatlaco.
Hueyatlaco is an archeological site in Valsequillo, Mexico. Several potential pre-Clovis localities were found in the 1960s around the edge of the Valsequillo Reservoir, Mexico.  One of these localities is the site of Hueyatlaco.  This site was excavated by Cynthia Irwin-Williams in 1962, 1964, and 1966.