maandag 15 augustus 2016

After the Hillary Clinton, Breedlove, AKP and DNC hacks, Soros foundation is hacked! What the media does is crazy...

The hackers are on a roll! 


After the Hillary, Bleedlove, AKP and DNC email hacks the Soros foundation is hacked. Reveiling some disturbing influence over Hillary Clinton as U.S. Secretary of State and other political parties and persons all over te world.


The Soros foundation has their tentacles in world politics and world events everywhere.

Soros foundation, the octopus one of many!

And this is only one of many organisations of rich elites trying to conquer the world and undermining the people of earth. Real NWO style powerhouses,

Gates foundation        ►

Rockefeller foundation   

Clinton Foundation        
 ► (Dutch)

And many many more...

The list of murders is still ongoing to stop these leaks. The elites are know for their ferocious ways of stopping leaks.

Media coverage:

What the media only does is looking at the hackers origin and not looking into the emails itself. They are only interested in blamming and not in investigating. This is why you hear the Russian hackers narrative alot. Russia is to blame as always these days.

The information in these e-mails should be big news. These hacks should give ordinary people the inside information they need to have in order to see what our world has become.

These elites are a destroying, killing, lying, manipulating bunch of of people that thrive on war and choas for richess and power. What we now clearly see is what we have known all allong; the media is owned by these same elitists. The MSM are an extension of the elite. They must sell us their bullshit. Investigated journalism isn't allowed anymore in the western mainstream media. The ordinary people must be kept ignorant and in the dark about the real deal. Here is a German politician who says it all:

The MSM is only interested in blamming and not in investigating:


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woensdag 3 augustus 2016

WikiLeaks Exposes Hillary’s Stunning Connection to ISIS — Mainstream Media Blackout Ensues

Washington, D.C. – Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, claimed during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) that, “We have more material related to the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

Staying true to their word, WikiLeaks, with one simple tweet, dropped another bomb on the Clinton campaign – one so damaging it will almost surely be ignored by the mainstream media.

The latest revelation by the whistleblower organization reveals Hillary Clinton was a director of, and received over $100,000 from, French industrial giant Lafarge, which was recently exposed as secretly sponsoring the Islamic State for profit.

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dinsdag 2 augustus 2016

Leaked pictures from JUNO PROBE reveal UFO in JUPITER'S ORBIT!!! July 2016

Leaked pictures from JUNO PROBE reveal UFO in JUPITER'S ORBIT!!! July 2016

Poetin waarschuwt de westerse media: Waarom bent u stil als u weet dat de oorlog komt?

Hitler Escaped To Argentina & Died Old: Pictures of Him After The War, FBI Documents

Hitler in Argentina - The Eden Hotel

US Government Suddenly Urges Americans to Prepare for Catastrophic Events

New e-mail leaks @ wikileaks

Biggest News Story Of The Year! And you've never heard about it. Until Now.

Amerika probeert weer een reden te creëren voor steun voor verdere bombardementen boven Syrië

De eerste keer dat dit is geprobeerd is ook gebleken dat de rebellen het gas hadden gebruik en niet de regeringstroepen. Zie onderstaande video van INFOWARS waarin de voorgaande gifgas aanval toevallig aanbod komt samen met andere huidige zaken die nu spelen.

Het gefaalde Euro project en het mismanagement van het IMF

Het invoeren van de euro was een enorme blunder

donderdag 28 juli 2016

False flags ramping up in Europe

France and Germany are under severe terrorist attacks. Events look real but some things just don't add up. These attacks are used to push specific agendas. In France it was the state of emergency which is by now extended by three months. The public must be put in a fearfull state. With fresh new attacks every week / month. Terrorist attacks come in all forms now a days, knives, axes, trucks, explosives, gunfire, planes.  And in al places airports, cafe's, restaurants, boulevards, party's, recreational parcs etc.

The goal is total choas and 'racial tension'. This will fuel hate on both sides and will intensify the situation. 

It is the classical devide and conquer and problem, reaction, solution rethoric.
Look up the Hegelian Dialectic: These terrorists must have insider help or outside help from goverments/shadow goverments/globalist/occultitst/zionsists etc. Who profit from these specific events. The more choas the better.

The truck in Nice has no bloodspatter. This seems strange because the truck ran over a lot of people and killed 84. Also strange are the bullit holes in the front window. None on the drivers side. 

Toga man and "Acropolis sign" point toward next attack in ... Greece? Nope, the OLYMPIA Mall!
Toga man and “Acropolis sign” point toward next attack in … Greece? Nope, the OLYMPIA Mall!